Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ruby Tuesday Anniversary To Saija And Her Sweetheart



just a few short weeks ago bernie and i and the little red car visited leo and saija and their sweet kitty in their little dream house that was sitting in front of a beautiful lake...so romantic!
well i really can't remember if it is a sunrise or a sunset that they see relecting on that little lake but seeing as this is their 36th anniversary, and there are so many happy years yet to come, i put their photo on this sunrise that i swiped from google images!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY dear saija and leo....this is the first post i have written since we got back because i do feel like i have a little jet lag!


Saija said...

awww, thank you so much Terry ... and it was fun to actually meet face to face ... you and Bernie are such a sweet couple ... you get rested up now!!!!
p.s. we see the sunrise from our window - so i have to be an early bird to get the summer pics!

Amrita said...

This is such a sweet post Terry.

Hapy anniversary Saija and Leo.
Wish we could all get together and celebrate joyous occasions like that that.

God bless you day after day.

Mrs. Mac said...

Hurray! A special anniversary post and wishes from Terry and Bernie to Saija and Leo ... Happy greetings sent to them from the Mac home as well. Nice to see you posting again, Terry ... you were sorely missed with the sisters.

Pat said...

Happy Anniversary to Saija and Leo, and many more happy anniversaries to come!
How special it must have been to meet in person...I love all of you guys to pieces!!

Felisol said...

Happy, happy anniversary to Saija and Leo.
I''m so happy that the four of you got to meet.
Also great to hear from you,Terry, again.
I have been wandering how you were doing, camping for all these weeks.
When your jet-lag is over, I hope you have accumulated new strength and new impulses to share, from your Manitoban Odyssey.

Sometimes it feels good to be an old fashioned offline human, busy in the real world.
All the best from Felisol


Sister Terry,

I hope you and Bernie had a wonderful vacation.


jel said...

Woo hoo look who is back! :)


Anonymous said...
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