Monday, July 19, 2010

A Ruby Tuesday We Did NOT Want To See!

the little red car decided to give bernie a little trouble, not along the way to my beloved mantioba but right as soon as we entered!

we had treated her to sweet smelling yellow canola fields and the luxury of driving on flat as flat highways to rivers where the goldens had lived for several years and to wheatland where sonny[reg] and his sikora sisters and brothers had grown up.
we even let that ungrateful little red car have the comfort of the sisterhood traveling scarf hugging her neck, making her look like a real dude of a car!

oh and how nice was it of me to take this picture of her, bernie and the fire truck that dad golden used to nice was THAT?

and then take her back to brandon, the city of pretty lights and great baskets of red and pink flowers!

the little red car was even welcomed into this homey campsite,

where bernie washed the prairie dust off of her and...

and satisfied her appetite with delicious cool, clear oil! bernie's skillful fingers checked out the little red car's tonsils....

and pleased that all was well, shut the hood with satisfaction.

and then!
the little red car decided to get very stubborn.
she was stalling at every red light and had to be restarted and so into the clinic we had to take her!
the big Canadian tire clinic,

where poor old bernie fellow[as mrs.mac calls him] was placed into a waiting room to wait for the results..
all i can say is that if it were not for the lord's guiding us to an honest mechanic,
that little red car would surely be turning back home and taking bernie and i, our camping supplies, our computers and our cameras right straight back home ... home and broke!

oh sure little red riding hood[as amrita calls her] glint with pride all you want to because if you don't tow the line the rest of the trip, we will surely be coming back next year using the big blue sunday school van and leave you behind with your cousin rachel babysitting you! will not be broke but you will be GROUNDED!
happy ruby tuesday everyone from terry from the golden beloved manitoba.


Crown of Beauty said...

Dear Terry, the poor little red car will surely be up and running again. From the little I know about little red cars, there may just be a tiny bug in its spark plugs blocking the flow of gasoline to the engine...

I'd hate to see Red Car grounded!

Have a great time in Manitoba and enjoy the goodies available that she has to offer! And if you do see Rebecca, please do greet her for me and give her my love.

Love always

Terry said...

aw crown of beauty..the little red car is fixed by the honest mechanics at canadian tire..
we thought it would a 700 dollar job because bernie was thinking it was the fuel pump but thankfully it was just a tiny hole in one of the fuel filter pipes that was an easy and inexpensive enough job that we had to forgive the little red car, but she HAD be careful to tow the line for the rest of the journey, or else!!!!
thanks crown of is nice to hear a familiar voice here,in my beloved terry.

Felisol said...

Dearestest Terry,
I hear Bernie singing all across the pond."If you're looking for trouble, you've come to the wrong place.."
He 's so clever and besides he has God on his team, how could anything go really wrong?
I bet the two of you made really good friends with that mechanic.

That's the blessed thing with you, dear Terry, you are shining and making friends everywhere you go.
The little red car is well protected and so are you. Please give a giant hugs (two) to Saija and Leo. I hope you get to meet them and their cat. They need some sunshine in their lives just now.
I got your e-mail, just haven't been on the air much lately.
Gunnar and Serina say hello as well.
We have a repair angel going with our car. May the Lord send one to you as well.
Mega hugs from Felisol

Mrs. Mac said...

It's about high time that that little red car be put in her place by that Bernie fellow;) She was getting a little too uppity for her own good! Just mentioning being left home next time with a baby sitter should do the trick ... plus all the good prayers and mechanics that have been working on her spirit and body! So .. I hope that that Bernie fellow packs you a nice comfy bed to sleep on if he is setting up a camp each night for the two of you. Be safe .. and God bless you along the highway.

Pat said...

I used to have a little red car almost identical you yours..they were probably cousins. I think it's the color red that can sometimes give them an attitude! Hal's red truck is in the shop a little ahead of itself and got some scratches!
You and Bernie have a safe and wonderful time in your beloved Manitoba...don't stop singing together's beautiful!

reg said...

O wow Terry, You are having a time of it seems. The little red car will get you to every where you need to be. On the fun side how exciting for your little group to be on this fantastic trip. The Canola looks beautiful, and that huge floral basket in Brandon is awesome.
I am so looking for ward to more great pics of our wonderful little area of that Texas sized Province of Manitoba

Trish said...

Oh, Terry and are back in beautiful Manitoba! Good to see that you found an honest mechanic...who got that little red car straightened up and back on the road!
Enjoy your trip.
Oh, and I loved seeing Miss Scarf along for the ride! That girl sure loves to travel doesn't she?
Love you both,

Rinkly Rimes said...

I love the sunray shot! And the Little Red Car would make a lovely picture book for children!

chubskulit said...

Wow, beautiful rubies!

My Ruby Tuesday

Amrita said...

So its Happy Trails for RRH ( Red Riding Hood- or Red Royal Highness)

She got a thourough medical check up and make over it seems.

Have a good trip down menory lane and visit all the good old places of your beloved Manitoba.

Wishing you and Bernie God 's best.

Dimple said...

Dear Terry,
This is a cute story, and I'm glad it all came right in the end. I don't have a RT post this week, but come over from Lidj's blog to visit.
Have a wonderful time in Manitoba!
Love, Dimple

Ann said...

Is the canola is grain? Years ago, some people spread bad news about canola oil. I got influence and I don't use canola oil. Silly me.

Jada's Gigi said...

Car troubles on your vacation! Just what you do not need! Hope Little Red Riding Hood behaves for the rest of the trip! Have a great time!

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Grace said...

Hi Terry
Did you get my messages okay and the pictures? I am watching for you to put them on your blog.

Love Grace
We miss you both you pests

Jim said...

Hi Terry ~~ I am glad your RubyTuesday turned out good. I couldn't get to that yet.
Do you think the Little Red Riding Hood Car had been sipping canola oil? I hear that is bad for the filters.

I am back in the country, Mrs. Jim is held over on Granny Nanny duty until Aug 4. The Queen demanded her to stay.

When you come back you can slip over to my todays blog (July 30). My testimony is there, a little expanded from the one I left on your blog but still says the same thing.

Please have a safe and fun rest of your holiday. And Red, you mind your Ps and Qs.

Felisol said...

Dearestest Terry,
I have been missing you since July 19th.
I hope and pray that you are fine.
All my lovings

Deborah said...

I just came from Saija's blog where I let her know how jealous I am that you visited her and not me!!
I'll forgive you this time. but next time, I expect a visit too!
LOL I'm so glad you got a trip to Manitoba!

David said...

hello friend.
i am finally getting back to reading a few of my favorites, and I did enjoy reading this

huynh ngoc tan said...

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felisol said...

Hello, Terry, dearest.
Long time no hear, no see!
Hope everything is fine with you, Bernie and the little red car.
Just want you to know, I'm thinking of you.
Hugs and prayers from Felisol

Wendy said...

Just stopping by via Saija's blog. :) Welcome to Sunny (or unpredictable weather) Manitoba!

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

♥ Kathy said...

sweet sweet terry...I've missed you so much! I'm back online now and should stay that way! We've gotten all moved into our new house (email me and I'll give you the new address) and life is normal again! Yay! Sorry to hear about the car..hope it's working now! *big hugs*