Saturday, May 22, 2010

Worthy Is Thy Name

have a blessed lords terry

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here Ya' Go Mr. Jim!

dear mr. jim. video is for you but NOT the doggie because mom golden would put up a real fight!!! terry

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two Little Ruby Tuesday Doggies

bath night for the newest boss at betty and big john's house'
this little doggie is waiting for the plunge!

cousin eric is doing the washing..

AND the scrubbing..

and sister amy is doing the drying...

with a thick pink towel that is surely good for a ruby tuesday shade of red!
"oh my! what a splendid refection, if i must say so myself. what a cute little dude i am!"

now eric is taking a turn at some more drying as sister, rachel and cousin marie look on!

marie holds the dry squeaky clean little doggie!

and now here comes the holding.
pick a number and stand in line all you goldens and belzners and spences and shirkies!
sister, amy is first..

and now brother, little john has the little doggie in a tight hug.
nice ruby red t-shirt little john!

cousin ivey, all the way down from british columbia has her share of the clean little doggie who seems to still be a bit damp..ivey not only has a little black and white doggie on her lap but she also has a blue and white towel!

cousin ashley all the way from iowa loves the little doggie...
nice ruby red sweater ashley!

oh boy, usually the only animal that this girl loves to hug is a kitty but auntie had to show off her ruby red jacket!

well no red here but cousin lena had to have a hug..

and so did auntie gracie!

ryan seems to be a proud big brother by the looks of it!

and the little doggie's newest cousin, kris looks very pleased..
notice the beautiful united states flag.
all of the goldens and belzners and spences and shirkies love the amerians!
nice ruby red coco-cola can!

"hey!!! what about ME???
doesn't anyone see the ruby color collar i have on...doesn't ANYBODY?? "

oh dear!.".i am all dressed up with my red bows and no where to go.
not one lap to lay on! what a sad little dude i am!"

"oh yes little white doggie, there is!"
daddy big john picks the sad little guy up..

and as cousin jeffery looks on, john plants the little white doggie on gramma golden's lap!
gramma golden loves you..

she surely does!