Sunday, May 16, 2010

In The Shadow Of The Cross


Ann said...

What a deep voice he had. People don't appreciate songs like this this days.

I don't about Canada, but family worships here are too loud.

Terry said...

hi are still up?
i tried to get caught up on a few blogs with comments but i am still behind!
i usually try to put a hymn on every sunday and it takes so long just to pick the right one.
george bev shea was always my favourite singer while i was growing up but i must say that i love southern gospel music the last few years...i guess sometimes it is kind of livley, eh? but some of the words are so great.
our sunday worships aren't too loud at the church..we even don't use a piano but the sounds of the christians singing is so nice!
have a glorious lords day dear terry

Sandy said...

Good Morning Terry,
George lives very near my
home. He is a wonderful man
with an anointed voice. I have always enjoyed his gift.


Dianne said...

Hi Terry,
Hope you had a great Sunday. The singing you describe sounds heavenly. And thanks for taking the time to choose a "great old hymn" for us.