Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two Little Ruby Tuesday Doggies


bath night for the newest boss at betty and big john's house'
this little doggie is waiting for the plunge!

cousin eric is doing the washing..

AND the scrubbing..

and sister amy is doing the drying...

with a thick pink towel that is surely good for a ruby tuesday shade of red!
"oh my! what a splendid refection, if i must say so myself. what a cute little dude i am!"

now eric is taking a turn at some more drying as sister, rachel and cousin marie look on!

marie holds the dry product..one squeaky clean little doggie!

and now here comes the holding.
pick a number and stand in line all you goldens and belzners and spences and shirkies!
sister, amy is first..

and now brother, little john has the little doggie in a tight hug.
nice ruby red t-shirt little john!

cousin ivey, all the way down from british columbia has her share of the clean little doggie who seems to still be a bit damp..ivey not only has a little black and white doggie on her lap but she also has a blue and white towel!

cousin ashley all the way from iowa loves the little doggie...
nice ruby red sweater ashley!

oh boy, usually the only animal that this girl loves to hug is a kitty but auntie had to show off her ruby red jacket!

well no red here but cousin lena had to have a hug..

and so did auntie gracie!

ryan seems to be a proud big brother by the looks of it!

and the little doggie's newest cousin, kris looks very pleased..
notice the beautiful united states flag.
all of the goldens and belzners and spences and shirkies love the amerians!
nice ruby red coco-cola can!

"hey!!! what about ME???
doesn't anyone see the ruby color collar i have on...doesn't ANYBODY?? "

oh dear!.".i am all dressed up with my red bows and no where to go.
not one lap to lay on! what a sad little dude i am!"

"oh yes little white doggie, there is!"
daddy big john picks the sad little guy up..

and as cousin jeffery looks on, john plants the little white doggie on gramma golden's lap!
gramma golden loves you..

she surely does!

HAPPY RUBY TUESDAY!.....God bless....love terry


Sue Seibert said...

Love the puppy photos for Ruby Tuesday...even though they aren't kitties!!!

Jim said...

Do all of those puppies have homes yet? I could sing the song, "How much is that doggy in the window?" but my choir director might hear me.
I imagine I would have to smuggle it across the border anyway or take the back roads. I couldn't bring myself to be doing that. Once is enough of jumping fences too!

Happy RT! I just love this post and your pups. Are you going to keep one for you and Bernie?

reg said...

Again what a wonderful story here. I just love it. Terry and her Ruby Tuesday Jacket with the little dog is perfect.

Now to get this right and do a posting myself

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Very sweet doggie pics! Great ruby Post !

Marice said...

awww really cute :) another addition to the family :)

u may view mine here

Anonymous said...

Thanks Terry. The pictures of Maggie and Molly(m&m's) are perfect. Do you think that John would like a third?

Dimple said...

Hi Terry,
This is a cute post! People like little dogs almost as much as babies! You are beautiful in your portrait with the pup!

Terry said...

i don't know about that betty jane!
the little white doggie has had his nose out of joint ever since the new boss entered!
you had just leave well enough alone!!!!love from your sis

sioux... bernie and i were thinking of turtle just the other day and hoping that the little sweetie is all right!

turtle is one cool cat!

dear mr. jim..maybe the little white doggie would be very happy to come to texas..
we will give the little guy a couple of more months to adjust...and besides you wouldn't want adi's and katrin's noses to be out of joint, eh?
bernie and i like cats and besides like i told felisol, the only doggies i will give the time to day to is adi, dawg.[ mrs. mac's daughter] and, sheeba, amrita's girl and crown of beauty's kids, sammy and patches and oh i almost forgot my own grandpaw ron's doggie princess!...and my niece rachel's dogs...honey, kelsy and chelsea.

sonny, you did a very good job with your ruby tuesday post and your old babysitter is very proud of you!

daylily , thank you so much..
i will be seeing you at your blog!

marice, you never forget me even though i had been too busy to visit you and the rest of my friends.i will come..things are gradually settling down!

you too dimple..i have missed you!
did you see sonny's[reg's] ruby tuesday post? it is awesome.....love terry

nature ramblings said...

Will that new little doggie ever get to walk around!? He sure gets lots of love! Great story and thanks for sharing.

Kim, USA said...

It looks like everybody is spoiling her. Happy Wednesday!

Ruby Red Tuesday

donna said...

I love Molly....I want one of her!!

Terry said...

at least auntie donna knows the little doggie's name.
to me they are BOTH just little doggies...one all white and one black and white!!
ha!..love terry

Leora said...

What a loving family! Everyone enjoys. How special.

Robin said...

What an adorable (and quite clean) couple of furballs :).

Thanks for the heads up re Tuesday, duly noted.

My photography is now available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I'm finally doing the catching up.
What a lovely family you have. All those people, being so nice and warm with the tender fur balls.
I think the picture of you with the puppy, is the nicest one I ever saw. YOU are just beautiful.
I also fell flat for Little John, looking so sweet and cuddly, like the little Bonanza Joe.

I hope you are doing as well as you look. I pray you are.
Hugs from Felisol