Friday, January 11, 2008

Surgery For Dad Golden Postponed

This is the picture I took of Dad Golden and Rachel yesterday at the hospital.
Again they cancelled his operation!
The doctor was ill, and so now the new date is Wednesday, the 16th at two in the afternoon.
I am so glad that I thanked you for your future prayers for my dad because he is still needing i!

I am heading over to Mom and Dad's now as Mom as come down ill, so I will see what is happening.
Thanks again everybody....Love Terry

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Dad And Mom Golden Christmas Eve

Here are a few pictures that were taken at Betty and John's this Christmas eve.
Dad and Mom Golden were in fine shape and feeling alright.
Dad made Mom sit on his knee and I snapped this picture of the two old lovebirds!

Betty....Dad's oldest daughter, mother of five children, holding her latest baby...puppy, Molly.
Matthew, Betty and John's number four child with Katy, John's cat.
Gary, Dad's number four child with his two boys, James and Christopher.
The King of the family but NOT the boss!
Darrell, Sandra's son and Dad Golden's pride and joy.

My that Molly is sure one spoiled doggie!!

Grampa Golden beating his grandsons at a game of pool.Grandchild James and Gracey's boy, Eric.

John, Betty's husband showing off his camera to Dad Golden.
Where there is a cat around, you will find Bernie and Gary, best friends, fighting over who is going to hug it!
Little John, Betty's second child holding Katy. I must also say that the cat is spoiled rotten too!!
Mom Golden trying to take a picture of Dad.Matthew, Betty's son holding that spoiled kitty.

Who knows WHAT trouble this guy is up to?

I reckon nothin' good!

Uncle Bernie with his girl, Betty's oldest daughter, our Rachel, the heart of our family!
Jeff, Teddy and Lois's third child standing behind Grampa Golden.

I think, by the looks of it Grampa Golden won the game.

When we were kids he ALWAYS won the game!Checkers and Scrabble.! He would NEVER let us win. When we heard his whistling, THEN we knew that we were skunked.And we were sore losers too!

Justin and Jeff have always been the best of friends. All the cousins get along and are best friends!
Rachel, the oldest grandchild taking Grampa home in her smart little car.
Jordan is Gracey's little grand kid and Grampa's third great grandchild..
Good night Dad Golden and sweet dreams. Mom Golden will be home in a couple of hours!
How did THIS trouble maker get in here twice and what HAS he been up to anyway?!!
Chase, Gracey's oldest grandchild and Grampa Golden's oldest great grandchild.

Well I am tired!

Tomorrow Rachel and I are taking Dad Golden to the hospital for his operation, so I had better go to bed!

Thank you for all your prayers and for all your future prayers for my dad....Love Terry

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Heaven In Sight

A Glorious Morrow

When we reach our peaceful dwelling on the strong eternal hills
And our praise to Him is swelling, who the vast creation fills--
When the paths of prayer and duty, and affliction all are trod,
And we wake and see the beauty of our Saviour and our God.

Oh! twill be a glorious morrow
To a dark and stormy day,
When we smile upon our sorrow,
And the storms have passed away.

With the light of resurrection, when our changed bodies glow,
And we gain the full perfection of the bliss begun below--
When the life of flesh obscureth in each radiant form shall shine,
And the joy that aye endureth flashes forth in beams divine.

Shall the memory be banished of His kindness and His care,
When the wants and woes are vanished, which He loved to soothe and share?
All the way by which He led us, all the grievings that he bore,
And the patient love He taught us, shall we think of them no more?

We shall read the tender meaning of the sorrows and alarms,
As we trod the desert leaning on His everlasting arms;
And His rest will be the dearer when we think of weary ways.
And His light will shine the clearer as we muse on cloudy days.

W. P. Mackay