Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Years To Our American Friends!!

This is how Bernie and I went to our niece, Rachel's house for New Years Eve! I didn't have to clone Bernie into the picture this time. My sister, Betty took this picture.
All we can say is God Bless America!!!!!!Best wishes for the year 2006!

What A Difference A Day Makes!!

Well, I guess you can say that our green winter has disappeared this last day of January 2005!
We had to get up today and clean off the snow from the car before we could go ANYWHERE!! After a quick trip to the office[MacDonalds'] for breakfast, we headed out to Shaver Hospital to do a little visitation.
THIS is the picture that met our eyes--the green, green grass was gone! To top it all off, some of the patients had colds! We stayed a couple of hours to cheer them up.. Bernie had brought his lap top with him and we showed slide pictures of winter scenery. We have hundreds of pictures!! A good time was had by all between all the sniffing and coughing.
By the time we left everybody was feeling OK, despite the colds and the snow!!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Green, Green Grass In The Heart Of An Ontario Winter!

It may not look like it to you Kentucky people but we are truly having a green winter here in Welland, Ontario, and Bernie and I are loving it! How be it we DO feel sorry for the kids who want to do the ususal cold weather things like sledding and skiing and skating!
This is a picture of Bernie and me in front of the Shaver Hospital located in St. Catherines 12 miles from Welland. I had to send that Bernie to "Picture It", so I could clone him in but he doesn't look too bad,eh? And no, Morgan Denise we couldn't take our coats off like you did when you went to Walmart yesterday because if we did that at our age we would end up in the place behind us and it wouldn't be as visitors, it would be as two silly old people with pneumonia!!! Either that or the psychiatric ward for our own protection!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

One Year later and sadness remains.

Our paper, "The Welland Tribune" published this picture this Wednesday and if a picture can say a thousand words this picture says 216,000 words. That is the known death toll of this great tragedy one year ago. It is so sad how many of us have just put it out of our minds and forgotten. That is why when I saw this picture, it just made me think that I should still be praying for the survivors and all that they are yet going through. Not only for their physical needs but also for their spiritual needs. They need the Lord both in this life and the next! What a differnce it would make for them!

The white headed bomb shell!!

Well, I don't know if this will work, but I am at least trying, eh? This is a recent picture of me. I should of sent it to "Picture It." and given myself a blond hairdo!! Oh well better a white head than a yellow head with white roots!!