Thursday, December 29, 2005

One Year later and sadness remains.

Our paper, "The Welland Tribune" published this picture this Wednesday and if a picture can say a thousand words this picture says 216,000 words. That is the known death toll of this great tragedy one year ago. It is so sad how many of us have just put it out of our minds and forgotten. That is why when I saw this picture, it just made me think that I should still be praying for the survivors and all that they are yet going through. Not only for their physical needs but also for their spiritual needs. They need the Lord both in this life and the next! What a differnce it would make for them!

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turtlepearl said...

Hi Terry,

Yes, we should definitely still be praying for them - and for the hurricane victims, too. And the soldiers overseas, and........well the list could go on & on, huh? ("Huh" is my American version of "eh?") :) Anyway - thanks for the reminder to keep praying for all those who are still struggling out there to put their lives back together. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own little worlds that we forget about everyone else.

Help us, Lord, to see with Your Eyes & to Love with Your Heart & to continue to "stand in the gap" for all of our hurting brothers & sisters. Amen

Your blog looks good! I'll be back. ttyl Love & Hugs, Cindy