Thursday, December 29, 2005

The white headed bomb shell!!

Well, I don't know if this will work, but I am at least trying, eh? This is a recent picture of me. I should of sent it to "Picture It." and given myself a blond hairdo!! Oh well better a white head than a yellow head with white roots!!


Urka said...
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Urka said...

Looks like you're getting the hang of this blogging stuff! :)

Wonderful picture!

Anonymous said...

Yah, Terry!! It worked!! Looks good!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the "Blog-world" Terry!!!!!!!!!
I'll check back in again!

Administrator said...

What more could I ask for? Morgan, Erica, and Jo commenting. I am truly blessed! Thank you so much! Love Terry

Betty said...

Looks like I goofed already Terry. I put my comments somewhere else...who knows where ...but to repeat myself your green green grass of home has turned into a Winter Wonderland. Take another picture when you go to Katie's today and lets hope that you are able to make it back to Welland. Let it snow!
Great site Terry.
Love from your Sister,

Administrator said...

Betty! Nice to hear from you. Yeh!! I already took a picture for my Kentucky folks!! They are going to be laughing at me!! I told Katy it will be you and me that will be visitng her next week.That Bernie has to go back to work! Ha!!And the week after YOU have to back to school!