Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary Adi's & Amber's & B P's Grandparents!

On July 7th 2007, Jim and Mrs. Jim renewed their marriage vows and Feb. 24th was their 35th wedding anniversary and I, as usual have been on the late side of offering congrats to them.
But better late than never, eh? So here goes..
Happy Anniversary...
Happy Anniversary...
Happy Anniversary...

The wedding party, from left to right:
Son, Mike;
Daughter, Susie;
Mrs. Jim's sister, Velma;
Flower girl, Mrs. Jim's niece, Tammy;
Mrs. Jim;
Ring bearer, Mrs. Jim's nephew, Phil;
Best man, Mike;
Son, Tim;
Mrs. Jim's brother, Danny; and
Son Mitch

Mr. and Mrs. Jim's loving family..

So nice and so true!!!!!
God bless you both!....Love Bernie and Terry

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Mrs. Mac And Serina

Monday Feb 25th was Mrs. Mac, the Snow Queen's birthday and as has been my habit just lately, I must wish her a belated birthday!!
Ha! Fifty Years!! You are just a kid yet Mrs. Mac!!!

Now it was also my Felisol's beloved daughter, Serina's birthday on the 24th of February so I am wishing HER a Happy Belated Birthday too!
She has many years to go until she catches up to Mrs. Mac!
She just turned twenty.
Now, just as Mrs. Mac is a Queen , so is Serina her Mom Felsiol's, and Dad Gunnar's and Gramma Ljung's Little Princess!!!
Happy Birthday Mrs. Mac and Serina!!!!.
Love Bernie and Terry