Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Mrs. Mac And Serina

Monday Feb 25th was Mrs. Mac, the Snow Queen's birthday and as has been my habit just lately, I must wish her a belated birthday!!
Ha! Fifty Years!! You are just a kid yet Mrs. Mac!!!

Now it was also my Felisol's beloved daughter, Serina's birthday on the 24th of February so I am wishing HER a Happy Belated Birthday too!
She has many years to go until she catches up to Mrs. Mac!
She just turned twenty.
Now, just as Mrs. Mac is a Queen , so is Serina her Mom Felsiol's, and Dad Gunnar's and Gramma Ljung's Little Princess!!!
Happy Birthday Mrs. Mac and Serina!!!!.
Love Bernie and Terry


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
thank you fro a lovely birthday card for my princess. Kittens, hearts, laces and fluffy teddy bears ARE our Serina. How did you know???
I'll have to post her tonight so that she can collect her lovely card.
By the way, Serina's birthday is also Feb. 25th. She and Mrs. Mac are birthday twins as Serina used to put it when she was six.

I'm sending Mrs. Mac my best best wishes. She sure is a classy queen.
So are you, empress of cards and good wishes.
Yours Felisol

Mrs. Mac said...

So Serina and I are birthday twins. I like that idea. I was also born on my dad's b/d ... so I was his little princess many years ago ;) ... My hubby went and kidnapped me yesterday and took me to a romantic resort to wine and dine me ... the 'gift' was cared for by his siblings ... today Mr. Mac sent me to a day spa ... (I secretly think he is trying to make up for all of his time away from me, ya think???) Thanks for the beautiful b/d card Miss Terry ... and happy belated birthday to Serina

Vicki said...

Terry, did you do these awesome graphics for the pictures? Very nice!

Just stopping by to deliver a cyberhug while my eyes are still open. of course, I don't have to see in order to hug you! LOL....


Amrita said...

I am so very late in greeting, but let me add my Happy birthday to both you lovely beauties.