Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Ruby Red Vehicles Along The Way West


mary t. the teach!

pretty red flowers at the a and w restaurant in kenora, ontario.

as the autumn leaves have barely changed, i thought i would just dig into our western trip and pull out some more pictures.

here is bernie and the little red car.

i think this was on our way back east where we had stopped in thunder bay to camp.

thunderbay, ontario used to be two cities....side by side.

these twin cities were called fort william and port arthur.

terry fox made this a beloved city as this was the city where he ended his canadian walk for cancer. in total, he ran 3,159.5 miles. he was voted second most famous canadian in 2004.

there was so much red in this picture!

i just love the way that the canadian tire store sign is reflecting itself on the little red car aka little red riding hood[so named by my friend, amrita].

this little ruby red car, along the way was parked in front of the futures shop.

too bad the poles were blocking this stunning red truck.

it is a real beauty!

red cars all over the place, to and from my beloved manitoba!

red van longing for a cold bottle of coco-cola.

a ruby red bus full of people heading east!

bernie and i met this cute couple in kitchener, ontario and i asked them if i could take their picture. what a beauty of a motorcycle!

i love trucks and this one especially because it is so shiny and RED!

i just had to take another picture of it and here i am inside the little red car and discover later that we were in the photo too!

bernie finally gives the little red car a bite of lunch.

and a cool drink of window fluid!..ha!

another day another four hundred kilometres and time for a rest!

happy ruby tuesday everybody and god bless you all this day!....love terry