Friday, July 14, 2006

Riding An Ontario Sunset

I have taken hundreds of pictures of Ontario sunsets but not in a MILLION years did I ever think I would be PART of one when our plane flew through the colored skies over Toronto....

A Longing For The Prairies

As I sat with my client two nights ago in the darkness [she tucked away snugly into bed and me sitting on the over stuffed front room couch], we watched the many fire flies as they lit up the dark sky.
Now ordinarily, I enjoyed this little evening ritual at the palace but that night my heart was longing to see the prairies again!
I had just gotten home from Manitoba and my mind was filled with the beauties of this wonderful Canadian province.

As I rode along the flat highways this past Sunday with my two good friends in their camper truck, [a truck with a cracked front window no less!],I had my camera in hand and I snapped these pictures.

The great yellow fields here are canola flowers... Manitoba Black Gold!..These golden flowers are shipped to Fort Erie where they are made into "Coffee "Whitener" or sent to other destinations to make "Coffee Rich".

The rolling purple fields here are filled with flax flowers. From the distance they looked like a "great lake"!

Now and then there appeared a little pond that was filled with the clouds from the bright blue sky and every so often there were ducks floating in the cool waters.

Now the sunset here is not like OUR sunsets but remember that I was in a moving vehicle when this picture was taken....

Yes two nights ago I was thinking of my beloved Manitoba and wondering how many years it would be again before I ever returned.....