Friday, July 14, 2006

A Longing For The Prairies

As I sat with my client two nights ago in the darkness [she tucked away snugly into bed and me sitting on the over stuffed front room couch], we watched the many fire flies as they lit up the dark sky.
Now ordinarily, I enjoyed this little evening ritual at the palace but that night my heart was longing to see the prairies again!
I had just gotten home from Manitoba and my mind was filled with the beauties of this wonderful Canadian province.

As I rode along the flat highways this past Sunday with my two good friends in their camper truck, [a truck with a cracked front window no less!],I had my camera in hand and I snapped these pictures.

The great yellow fields here are canola flowers... Manitoba Black Gold!..These golden flowers are shipped to Fort Erie where they are made into "Coffee "Whitener" or sent to other destinations to make "Coffee Rich".

The rolling purple fields here are filled with flax flowers. From the distance they looked like a "great lake"!

Now and then there appeared a little pond that was filled with the clouds from the bright blue sky and every so often there were ducks floating in the cool waters.

Now the sunset here is not like OUR sunsets but remember that I was in a moving vehicle when this picture was taken....

Yes two nights ago I was thinking of my beloved Manitoba and wondering how many years it would be again before I ever returned.....


Anonymous said...

Manitoba is absolutely beautiful! The picture with the purple flowers looked like water to me too. The clouds reflecting in the water were neat too. Glad you had a good trip.
I'm still painting off and on when the rain lets up and I have time. The deck will be done some day. I've took time to cover my chair cushions that are on the deck furniture. I found some clearance red, white and blue materials at Walmart and we're going with a patriotic theme. (Britt already has red, white and blue rope lighting out there)I found dark blue outdoor carpeting yesterday so as soon as the last coat of paint goes on the rafters I'll be ready for the carpet. It's raining now so I don't know when that will be. Our weather forcasting map showed Monday in bright vivid reds. It's to be 94! That's going to be one hot day!
Got to get hubby off to work. Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Terry!!! I'm so glad you posted pictures so we can "get in" on the ride! Those flowers are gorgeous!! That yellow is so bright and cheery, and that purple is just so pretty too. Great pics!!!

love, Morgan

Urka said...

Oh, your pics remind me of a trip to ND. It is flat there, but beautiful, unlike Texas which is always dry and brown.

Sometime I will have to show you the pictures I took up there and at the Peace Gardens. It's so pretty there!

Terry said...

Erica...On quite a few occasions we used to visit the Peace Gardens. They certainly are beautiful and whenever we went across the border at N D, we found the Americans so kind!! We loved them and they were so nice to us. At the time American money was still worth a lot more than Canadian money but those little stores there were so glad for our shopping that they would give us more on our Canadian unselfish of them!!
I do so long to have stayed longer in the flat country. Four days was not enough! I love it so much. Those years that we lived in Manitoba were the happiest in my life. They used to say that in the air force ,moving all the time was easy on the kids and that we were young enough to take it but we COULDN'T. It would break my heart everytime that we had to move and leave all our friends behind.
That is why I thank God for friends like you and Morgan and Jessica and Donna and Jo, and eight special prayer partners that I have on the internet and Sue and Wess and Sammy and Helen Dowd and David Fisher and his blogging buddies. I hope I will never lose you!!
And if it wasn't for you Erica, Jessica and I would still be in the dark as far as this blogging is concerned. You are so much appreciated and you are that special lady in the Proverbs!!!! Love Terry

Saija said...

i love you pics ... the scenery you posted is what my usual drive to work looks like ... i love the prairies ... i love the wide open spaces and the feeling of freedom it gives!

sure hope you had a wonderful time on your trip ... maybe we even passed each other on the highway as you guys were driving along ... :o)

blessings ...