Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One More Birthday Girl..Mrs. Mac!

Dear Mrs Mac,
God has surely blessed you on your Birthday.
Your hero son is walking on USA land!
All the best to you!....Love Bernie and Terry and Shopper

Happy Birthday Princess Serina

Happy Birthday Serina and always remember that you are a Princess[a child of the King]!
God bless you always.
Love Bernie and Terry

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ruby Tuesday Bone China For The Jims

Today it is Mr. and Mrs. Jim's 36th anniversary.
Now, seeing as it is Ruby Tuesday and seeing as Mr. and Mrs. Jim would have to wait another four years for a ruby anniversary, I decided to shop google images and get me some ruby coloured bone china.
Bone china is the 36 year anniversary symbol.
Here, standing on a bed of bone China roses is the happy bride and groom and their pretty flower girl and handsome ring bearer.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim as they are now are cloned into this pretty bone China cup.
The two doggies are Adi, Mr. Jim's granddaughter and Katrin, Mr. and Mrs. Jim's adopted daughter.

Now what I was thinking here Mr. Jim ,when I spotted these china red mugs and there are three of them, that perhaps you can send that Adi and Katrin with your airplane to fly over and pick up our Teach for the celebration, eh?
Just a suggestion!
I have broken all the rules for this Ruby Tuesday...None of these pictures are mine Mr. Jim!
Don't you dare tell a soul, eh?

Here is a anniversary song Mr. Jim and it will serve two purposes.
One because Bernie and I and Shopper want to wish you and your sweetheart a Happy Anniversary and two, because, I think you should use this song as a guide and learn to sing in tune!!

God bless you and Mrs Jim........Love Bernie, Terry and the Shop.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oh What a Saviour!

I was thinking about this song this morning.
We will be going into our fourth week of Gospel meetings.
Now I DO love the children but my other love is elderly people.
Some of them have been coming out night after night and I can't help but think how tired in body they are getting!
I , myself am just a young 59..Ha!..but I am beginning to feel the strain.
Last night was the yearly Sunday School treat for the children when they sing and recite verses that they have learned during the year.
I just couldn't go because I was under the weather.
It has been the first time that I have missed in...hmmm...about 52 years!
I am just hoping that someone brought a camera.
It has fallen on Bernie and me to take the videos and the still pictures of the event.

I just love it in this video, where Ben Speers takes Rosie Rozell by the hand and leads him to the other man, Dean Brown, to the front where they sing this lovely hymn together.
Elderly people, although weak in body, most of them, sure do know where it is at, eh?
That is why I respect Mom Golden so much.
She is 79 and growing weaker but she still loves the Lord and is still an encourager to her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, and to Dad Golden.

I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday.
I will stay home today, except when Bernie takes me to see Mom and Dad Golden in the afternoon.

Should I thank my Felisol, Princess from India, Amrita and sweet Donna the New Yorker, for emailing me their colds?
It is NOT a pretty sight!

By for now and God's blessings...Love Terry