Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oh What a Saviour!

I was thinking about this song this morning.
We will be going into our fourth week of Gospel meetings.
Now I DO love the children but my other love is elderly people.
Some of them have been coming out night after night and I can't help but think how tired in body they are getting!
I , myself am just a young 59..Ha!..but I am beginning to feel the strain.
Last night was the yearly Sunday School treat for the children when they sing and recite verses that they have learned during the year.
I just couldn't go because I was under the weather.
It has been the first time that I have missed in...hmmm...about 52 years!
I am just hoping that someone brought a camera.
It has fallen on Bernie and me to take the videos and the still pictures of the event.

I just love it in this video, where Ben Speers takes Rosie Rozell by the hand and leads him to the other man, Dean Brown, to the front where they sing this lovely hymn together.
Elderly people, although weak in body, most of them, sure do know where it is at, eh?
That is why I respect Mom Golden so much.
She is 79 and growing weaker but she still loves the Lord and is still an encourager to her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, and to Dad Golden.

I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday.
I will stay home today, except when Bernie takes me to see Mom and Dad Golden in the afternoon.

Should I thank my Felisol, Princess from India, Amrita and sweet Donna the New Yorker, for emailing me their colds?
It is NOT a pretty sight!

By for now and God's blessings...Love Terry


Jada's Gigi said...

what a beautiful video! Loved seeing those familiar faces..even Vestal Goodman. :) Bill Gaither was inspired when he thought this up of getting the legends together to share...nothing like sharing with those whose heart is your heart. Thank you...for sharing.

Saija said...

you are such an encourager ...
blessings on you ... get better soon!

Terry said...

Oh Jadi Gigi.
I love these singers so much!
I remember when the first four videos came out that I would copy them for shut-ins and elderly people
One time someone told me I was a pirate. I wasn't selling them and I never even charged for the video tapes that Bernie and I were buying.
At that time we couldn't buy the Gaither tapes in Canada.
I wrote to Bill Gaither to tell him what I was doing and was it all right?
Jadi, he wrote me a real nice private letter back and told me that they were making these recordings for the kingdom and to do as I was doing!
I sure was glad that HE didn't think I was a pirate!!

Saija...What are you talking about?
You are an encourager. How many times have I written to you to ask you for help and you always have helped me!
Oh man, it is so good that we are all part of the family of God!
How great is THAT?!..Love Terry

Amrita said...

Love that song.

That 's what the Saviour does for us, gives us a heart for the feeble and infirm. All glory belongs to Him.

4 weeks of revival! Wow. May the Lord give you a rich harvest of souls.

Post some pictures too Terry.

We had 5 days of Gospel meetings but i could only go for 2 nights as there was no transport.

I have posted pictures on my blog and a song
Where could I go but to the Lord.

The choir sang it and I remembered singing it with my sisters long ago.

God blee.

ron said...

Morning Terry,

"Oh What A Savoir " AMEN AND AMEN !

Thanks for this good post and song . It is a blessing [ your posts ] to many who visit here ! Thanks ! Now you know missing Sunday services you are going to be lost every day untill next Sunday ? You ain't supposed to get sick untill on Monday , didn't you know that ?

Now you done and gone and busted my bubble cause I thought I was special when you sent love from you and Bernie to me ? Then I read "Now I do Love the children but my other love is the elderly people ? Don't you know by now that all old folks want all the attention cause it lifts us up as we travel along in lifes journey in our second childhood ?

Many blessings to you and I ok my permission to just keep on doing what you do best ? Blessing Others .

grandpaw ron.

audrey` said...

Your posts are always so encouraging, Terry =)

Felisol said...

Dear Terry, These flu bugs must be slow flyovers, using a moth over the sea.
Like the ancient Atlantic steamers.
Oh, I certainly hope you are better now.
After four weeks of Gospel meetings one might hope for more than a flue.
All the things you are for others, you are bound to be bless showered in return.
I am hoping for the best after the meeting with your doctor.
Have been praying for two days consequently.
From Felisol

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I just read the mail, Have been out hiking, you know.
Tough deal, but better safe than sorry.
Will continue as before.
Love Felisol

Jim said...

Hi Terry, I am running late (too much posting on the other blog and not enough reading you all).

So, first, Happy Birthday, Late (I really am sorry), Mom Golden!
Happy Birthday, Late Mom Golden!
Happy Birthday, Late Mom Golden!
Happy Birthday, Late Mom Golden!
Happy Birthday, Late Mom Golden!
Happy Birthday, Late Mom Golden!
Happy Birthday, Late Mom Golden!
Happy Birthday, Late Mom Golden!
Happy Birthday, Late Mom Golden!
Happy Birthday, Late Mom Golden!
Happy Birthday, Late Mom Golden!
My singing, as usual. Remember I think I can't sing because I was told that 48 years ago by an expert.

I am sorry you didn't feel good enough for going to church Sunday. 52 years is a long, long, time ago! ;-)
My oldest sons, the twins, were born 52 years ago. They both have grey (or white) hair now.

I hope you are better now, please don't put off doctoring if you need or don't get better.
BTW, today is Mrs. Jim's and my 36th wedding anniversary.