Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Wishes Mr. Jim
this morning at the dawn of a new year for mr. jim, our beloved friend from texas, bernie and i captured a beautiful sunrise.
now i must admit that i, myself have observed very few sunrises and i have had to beg saija than once to send me one from my beloved manitoba, but this morning i did catch one!
and so the first thing i thought of was mr. jim and the first thing we wanted to do was to wish him a happy birthday
i think he is either 109 or 110...the last several months he has not displayed his age on his blog like he used to do!
for sure and he has got pretty closed mouth about the whole thing!

now adi, mr. jim's granddaughter was not very pleased when i told her that i needed help and so she had better get the first available plane and fly over to assist not very pleased at all!

she showed me the card that mr. jim's family was featured on and i must say that mr. jim has one pretty wife, one adoring sister and a lovely daughter, a handsome son in law and two of the sweetest grandchildren!
adi surely agrees!

"now", adi complained, "you didn't even give me a chance to put my picture on this birthday card and my grampa jim is going to have a nose way out of joint and hurt feelings!"

"oh that's ok adi". i haven't got the time to put my name on this card either!"
but rest assured mr, jim, my friend and your grampa knows that we love him!
after all isn't he the greatest sunday school teacher and godly christian that you ever knew?"

now amber is quite disappointed that i never sent adi back with any cake.
hopefully mrs. jim will make her one and shares some with her!

poor katrin is in the same sad boat, but really since bernie has retired, cakes are few and far between on my blogs!

thank you so much for your help adi and don't worry, i am closing this post with the bestest wishes for your grampa jim and my friend, mr. jim and i am signing it, from you and me!!! terry and adi.

and because it is now the lords day here in canada and texas, i will put in a lovely hymn that my friend sandy and tammi reminded me of this morning.

have a glorious lords day mr. jim and everyone!

Monday, October 25, 2010

this week the little red car sped us along the highways and the byways to search for some fall trees...but alas...

autumn has not been as pretty here in the Niagara region...not as nice as last year because the leaves are falling before they have even put their reds and goldens on!..
a dry summer has made them fragile and winds and rain have been stripping the green leaves off and throwing and swirling them all over the place!

there are a few golden flowers...but just look at that half dressed tree!

these are not even THINKING about changing colour!

at least there is one in the crowd here who is dressed in red finery.

god has thrown in many bouquets of purple and yellow flowers.
good thing because as you can see these green trees are just day dreaming and too lazy to put on their fine clothing!

green green leaves and a half dressed tree!

the little red car even tried to see if niagara falls offered us anything...

but except for a few ruby sumac bushes which have been very pretty this year, we found nothing better than what we have in our own front city yard
and so home we returned...

to photograph our beautiful white birch was absolutely stunning wrapped in its golden cloak.

the little red car wanted a couple of pictures of bernie and me so that there would be a touch of red at least this ruby post tuesday.

and that is when we spotted our neighbours tiny little red maple leaf and so we snapped this picture.

just look at this smarty pants with the splash of golden leaves all over its fire engine red roof and hood!

our lawn has a fine golden carpet and here you can see that our burning bush has finally decided to turn is about two weeks behind!

now at the end of the day here is a really beautiful moon,
it took pity on us and asked the sunset to give us a little smudge of pink for ruby tuesday and so i have put this picture in!

happy ruby tuesday everybody!....god bless you terry