Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Jammie J

Hi Jammie..As usual I am late again for your birthday.
I hope that you had a real good one. What IS the right date anyway?
I hope you like this kitty filled birthday card.
I am wondering if you can recognise some of the dudes that have snuck into the crowd?
Wishing to you a very Happy belated Birthday dear one......Love Bernie and Terry and The Shopping News.

PS Please give Tony our regards and give each of your five cats,Snug, Bug, Ripper, Slasher and Tug a squeeze!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Molly On A Ruby Tuesday Snowy Day

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Teach's!!

On the first day that we had a snowfall, Betty's little doggie Molly decided she wanted to go out to investigate this new phenomena, so she talked her big bother, Ryan into taking her outside.

"Hey! What is all this white stuff?"

She wore her ruby colored leash and was quite intent on finding out where all the summer green grass and crunchy fall leaves had disappeared to!

On she walked, sniffing at every step!

On and down and on!

"Oh! What have we here? Do tell! It is a little patch of green grass and some tarnished red leaves."

"Oh!!! Let me sniff!"

"There is more grass in sight and some red and gold and brown leaves.
But why aren't the leaves crunchy? What fun are THEY with their dampness.
No sound there to amuse one!"

"Let us go on!"

"Now big brother Ryan, Quit your doddling!"

"That's great!! I am beginning see clear land!"

"I don't want to go in yet Ry!"

"Oh this is what Auntie Terry calls a picture of three seasons, the green grass of summer, the golden and red leaves of fall and that white stuff of winter.
I want only one season and that is spring and there is not a spring in sight! Nor a whiff of a sweet breeze!"

"Well come on Auntie.
You may as well take our picture now. There is no stopping you!"

"Now stand tall, look at the camera Ryan and smile!
This has been one useless trip.
I will go and wait in the house...wait patiently for spring!
And in the meantime I will try and climb that pretty green Christmas tree for amusement.
At least those skinny looking green leaves aren't wet and maybe I'll grab me one of those ruby red balls to play with!"

Monday, December 08, 2008

Happy Birthday "Norway"

Dearest Felisol,
Today is your birthday and yesterday Dad Golden, your prayer child sat down and wrote you this message. I didn't want to change anything other than to put his picture into the card. As you can see, it takes dear Dad a real effort to write these days because after his operation last year, his right hand never did get better and this is how he holds the pen now.
He didn't know that I was taking this picture!

But he suspected me of snapping this one!

I thought I would let you savor the beauty of this greeting for a while Felisol. You are so very dear to our family and to Dad Golden who calls you "Norway"..
I am working on a card for you and the birthday boy, Gunnar and will post it later!!!...Love Terry