Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Jammie J

Hi Jammie..As usual I am late again for your birthday.
I hope that you had a real good one. What IS the right date anyway?
I hope you like this kitty filled birthday card.
I am wondering if you can recognise some of the dudes that have snuck into the crowd?
Wishing to you a very Happy belated Birthday dear one......Love Bernie and Terry and The Shopping News.

PS Please give Tony our regards and give each of your five cats,Snug, Bug, Ripper, Slasher and Tug a squeeze!


Saija said...

you are so good with b.days ... i had forgotten that our "jammiej" was celebrating ...

we should really fly down to sunny CA, just to give her hugs under the palm trees, eh! *grin*

Constance said...

Welcome to the "Sisterhood" Terry! Even though y'all sent that Canadian cold air our way!

Where is Welland, Ontario? It sounds familiar to me for some reason. Are you anywhere near Niagara Falls? I was there in July with my Hub for a railroad convention and had a fabulous time!

We were in Ontario In August for our family vacation. We spent a relaxing week in Sioux Narrows (south of Kenora) in a cabin on Lake of the Woods.


Jammie J. said...

Thanks dear. I had a wonderful birthday. Tony and I went up to the mountains for a quiet one, perfect for me.

My birthday is November 1st. :)

I've always thought end of month birthdays are better than beginning of the month birthdays. Mine is always a surprise to everyone - turn the calendar and POOF there it is!

--Jammie J.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What an adorable card! I take it that some of these kitty's are actually Jammie J's & Tony's...Yes?
Such a sweet thing to do....! I kind of missed Jammie's B-Day.....Not myself, quite yet....And now Christmas is SOOOO Close and I am SOOOOoo far behind!

A Very Very Happy Holiday to you, my dears....!

Sioux said...

Hi, Terry! Turtle says hi, too!!!