Monday, December 08, 2008

Happy Birthday "Norway"

Dearest Felisol,
Today is your birthday and yesterday Dad Golden, your prayer child sat down and wrote you this message. I didn't want to change anything other than to put his picture into the card. As you can see, it takes dear Dad a real effort to write these days because after his operation last year, his right hand never did get better and this is how he holds the pen now.
He didn't know that I was taking this picture!

But he suspected me of snapping this one!

I thought I would let you savor the beauty of this greeting for a while Felisol. You are so very dear to our family and to Dad Golden who calls you "Norway"..
I am working on a card for you and the birthday boy, Gunnar and will post it later!!!...Love Terry


Amrita said...

That is so special.A greeting from Dad Golden.

Dianne said...

lovely photo

happy birthday to dad golden

and to felisol - we share the same birthday :)

Terry said...

Oh Dianne..Happy Birthday!!
Dad Golden had his birthday in November.He was just making this card for our Felisol
..Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear terry and even dearer Dad Golden.
You've made my heart jump with joy and given me new energy this early morning of December ninth.
I wish You could feel my giant joy.
I am singing here alone.
God bless my prayerchild.
God bless my bestest Terry.
From Felisol
PS. We took in a new lodger three days ago. Gunnar has been so very busy redecorating the flat. Guess what; our lodger is a firefighter.
I immediately thought of Dad Golden, and accepted him to live in our flat.
From Felisol

Vicki said...

Hope Dad Golden's birthday was a joy-filled one...Sending him a hug today (and you too!)