Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Molly On A Ruby Tuesday Snowy Day


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Teach's!!

On the first day that we had a snowfall, Betty's little doggie Molly decided she wanted to go out to investigate this new phenomena, so she talked her big bother, Ryan into taking her outside.

"Hey! What is all this white stuff?"

She wore her ruby colored leash and was quite intent on finding out where all the summer green grass and crunchy fall leaves had disappeared to!

On she walked, sniffing at every step!

On and down and on!

"Oh! What have we here? Do tell! It is a little patch of green grass and some tarnished red leaves."

"Oh!!! Let me sniff!"

"There is more grass in sight and some red and gold and brown leaves.
But why aren't the leaves crunchy? What fun are THEY with their dampness.
No sound there to amuse one!"

"Let us go on!"

"Now big brother Ryan, Quit your doddling!"

"That's great!! I am beginning see clear land!"

"I don't want to go in yet Ry!"

"Oh this is what Auntie Terry calls a picture of three seasons, the green grass of summer, the golden and red leaves of fall and that white stuff of winter.
I want only one season and that is spring and there is not a spring in sight! Nor a whiff of a sweet breeze!"

"Well come on Auntie.
You may as well take our picture now. There is no stopping you!"

"Now stand tall, look at the camera Ryan and smile!
This has been one useless trip.
I will go and wait in the house...wait patiently for spring!
And in the meantime I will try and climb that pretty green Christmas tree for amusement.
At least those skinny looking green leaves aren't wet and maybe I'll grab me one of those ruby red balls to play with!"


Pia K said...

Oh my, that is one adorable beyond words pup! She really blends in with the snowy lawn:) Have a good RT.

Anonymous said...

I had a hard time seeing that puppy in the first photo! Nice shots. It looks like loads of fun.
My first Ruby Tuesday.

Lauren-Mary said...

Great pictures! I've been complaining about the snow a lot lately, so it's nice to see that someone is enjoying it! What a cutie...if it wasn't for the ruby red leash she's blend right in!


Lauren-Mary said...

Oops...forgot to add: hope you're feeling better Terry! There was a post on Pilgrim Pals saying you were under the weather, and we've all been praying for a speedy recovery!


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
You should embark on a second carrier as a photojournalist.
Real cute report that was.
For the rest, doctor's order; Take i easy, my friend.
From Felisol

Raven said...

Adventures of a puppy. Cute.

Maria's Space said...

I am completely in love with that puppy. How stinkin' cute.

audrey` said...

Hi Terry

Your story goes very well with the photos.

Take care =)

Dianne said...

she is so adorable!!

if there was a bit more snow she would have become invisible

and what a great red leash!

Amrita said...

Great pix.

Seems Molly doesn 't feel cold.
My Sheeba would freeze into a snowman-dog

DrowseyMonkey-Photos said...

Oh first snowfalls are always exciting! And don't you look snazzy with your beautiful red leash.

Felis said...

Cute puppy! Nice pictures.