Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Blog Anniversary Mr. Jim!

mr. jim wrote his very first post on december 1 2005.
in the four years that he has been here in blogger land, he has endeared himself to so many people..
i would say that he is loved by one and all of us!

here is mr. jim's first post,

Thursday, December 01, 2005
"Just a couple [two] of words to welcome. This is my first attempt at blog writing and I don't have a message today. I want to see if it works.


bernie and i met mr. jim january 7 2007 through our good friend curious servant, and here is my first comment to him,

Dear Jim..."I just came from curious servants
Apparently he wants us to thank you for the suggestion you gave him about that beautiful post he just put on today and I am doing just THAT...Thank you!!...from Terry
God bless you both!"
sun january 7 2007

mr. jim has been our precious friend ever since!

he has shared his lovely family with us and in fact adi has come to visit a couple of times and katrin one time. adi piloted an airplane that was chuck full of my blogger friends pets and they all had quite a nice time here for a few days!
his granddaughter amber came along too. i am going to add the blog url of the reports of their visits to our southern ontario home.

both of these pictures are so true of mr. jim. he always has a listening ear when anyone writes to him for advice or for prayer.
ever since i have known him, he has been praying for dad golden who he fondly calls pop golden.
he also, no matter how busy he is slips around to my blog to sing happy birthday to the ones who are celebrating. i call HIM my singing telegram boy!
it was really cute this year that he came to the scarf sisters and sang happy birthday to donna

if any of you know mr.jim just a little bit, you must surely realize how he loves to eat!
i really believe that this must be his favourite past time!
what is so maddening about the whole thing is that mr. jim eats all of that fattening food and he never gains an ounce! golden is the very same!
oh by the way..i got all of this food on the table from mr. jim's own blog.

now also you must know that mr. jim is a car enthusiast.
now as i am partial to red cars, myself and seeing as, after all i am the one writing this post, i put all red cars in this picture. i mean what can be cuter than seeing a little girl, wearing red rubber boots and standing beside a red truck, and a pretty girl wearing a red sweater standing beside an antique red car, and what can be better than that fellow[i have no idea who HE is] standing beside my little red car, and what can be better than the old guy in the middle hugging HIS red car. eh?
not to mention another old guy standing beside that antique red truck

mr. jim has taken his sweetheart all over the world to exotic places and he is always so generous with the photos and great long post describing their adventures.
so, so nice!

now as far as i am concerned this is what pleases me the most about mr. jim.
he is a close friend of the lord and he is one man who lives his faith.
oh sure he doesn't talk a whole lot about it but he is a man of god.
so many times he has gone to spanish countries to help out with the children there who are in need of not only earthly food but also in need of spiritual food and a whole lot of loving and mr. jim is surely the person for that!

so happy fourth blog anniversary mr.jim.
please keep up the good work because we all love you! bernie, terry and the fat cat.

just a few of adi's posts

Monday, December 14, 2009

Spanish Christmas Fiesta
mary t the teach!

last saturday, the spanish christians held their annual christmas party, to which the whole congregation was invited.
as bernie and i were both under the weather, we were unable to go but i did manage to make a large fruit salad for the party and the little red car who was NOT under the weather drove us out friday evening to deliver the salad to the hall where we put it into the big fridge.
the spanish folk would much rather eat "ensalada de frutas" than cakes, pies or cookies!

this is a close up picture of the fruit salad.

and this is the picture after i added a few spanish kids and their mamas and friends and sunday school teachers into the salad.
as we were not there to take photos, which i surely would have, i went to my folders and borrowed a few pictures from vacation bible school where there are so many spanish children who attended.

have a very happy ruby tuesday beloved teach and all of your ruby tuesdayers and all of the other dear blogger friends..god terry