Sunday, September 28, 2008

a sad tail!

this is a very sad state of affairs. i was just at grampa jim's blog and discovered that his new daughter, katrin is now ruling the roost over at mr. jim's little blog.
she really thinks that she is the queen of the castle and that adi is the dirty little rascal and this queen will soon be wearing the crown proudly, when it ever arrives! her daddy jim has ordered her one from burger king! i have my strong suspicions that felisol sent this fine chair that she is sitting on, all the way over from the far side of the sea!

in the mean time grampa jim's grandkid and my precious niece, adi is taking the back seat.
i really think i heard poor little adi humming that sad song that bobby vinton used to sing.....i'm mr blue.

very, very sad state of affairs indeed!!

another sad state of affairs is that my computer is down and i am forced to use this lap top.
i have to use all small letters because it makes writing a post a whole lot easier.
i understand saija completely now. she always uses small letters!


Sue Seibert said...

Sad State! Sorry your computer is on the blink!

passing-thru said...


your making me smile Terry --

Blessings on U and your small type

Little Montreal Girl said...

Oh Mrs. Shirkie, you are sooo funny!!! Poor Adi!

Little Montreal Girl

Robin said...

technology can be a blessing but feel like a curse when it isnt working just right!
Missed seeing you lately-blessings!

Jim said...

Hi Terry, thank you for thinking about us down here.
Adi is still queen and ruler of our home. She watches over us like an angel. She won't even go to bed at night until I come.
Katrin is imature, more like a one-year old. We did adopt her as her former owner willed her to us. She died about six weeks ago with cancer.
Oh yes, I will tell Karen about your post but will warn her that I have already 'scolded you.'
This is all the harder I can scold, I knew you were having fun. I just get my own medicine once in a while.
If you were to read the comments, they are running one for Katrin and four for Adi. Some even said Mrs. Jim could get her own blog to put Katrin on.

Sorry 'bout your 'puter, that is tough. Maybe you are being punished.

Felisol said...

Oh, Dear ,oh, Dear Terry,
What have you done ?
Made a mess of Jim and his dog bunch!
I've been off the air for four mummy busy days, and come home to a dethroned Adi.
My thorn heart is aching.
Can I really trust Mr.Jim's insurances about Adi still being the queen?
A picture tells more than a thousand words.
We'll expect a thorough photo report from Texas before we let our Adi guard down.
Please keep us posted, Terry.
From Felisol

Amrita said...

Terry you should be given an award called The Blogworld 's most talented photo-enhancer.

You are a graphic artist.

That was really sweet.

Here Sheeba rules the roost. I have to get an Indian throne for her.Its called the Peacock throne.

Terry said...

ha know that amazing grace man has been a little under the weather since having so much trouble with his fingers and now a painful hip since he fell and i just don't have the heart to pick on him, so i have picked you to pick on!! terry

Jim said...

Terry, you are sooooo nice.

audrey` said...

So sad...