Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Miss Patty Is The Birthday Girl

l little bird named amrita reminded me that tomorrow is miss patty's birthday.
and so here is a happy birthday post for her.
now miss patty has been spending so much time in her garden, and so here is a special video for her from youtube.
she received an early birthday gift from her sweetheart and she has made herself pretty scarce because with her brand new camera, she is out in her garden making up for lost time.
the poor girl has been without a camera since last friday!

not a pretty sight!
go to her blog http://livingongrace.blogspot.com/ and you will see how well she HAS made up for lost time.
for sure and she has taken some might pretty photos!

Happy birthday dear friend....

ps..now miss patty...are your going to return the favour and remind me that it is priness amrita's birthday august 1st, because even if you do, you know i won't be here, eh?
oh well, i will see what i can do..
i hope you have a great day tomorrow!.....love terry and bernie

God's Wonderful Summer Red Carpet


go and see mary our beloved teach for more ruby tuesday posts and join the rest of us and make one yourself!
oh! it is sooooooooooo fun!

on a cool saturday morning bernie and i and the little red car set out for a trip to st catharines.
it was a breezy day as we traveled highway 406 and there was barely any traffic.
the green grape vines were lined up waiting for grapes to appear in another few weeks.
not much ruby tuesday in this picture other than the hood of the little red car!

the roads were winding, just the kind of road that makes for a nice photo

the grass was a luxurious green..pretty but not a red in sight!
except for a little piece of red fender!

ah!...here at least was a little red storage shed amongst these road side water tanks.

the corn is growing well, thanks to all of the rain southern ontario has had for the last month.

look at this!
in the distant we can see that god has rolled out the red carpet all along the sides of the highway

such a pretty rug of sweet smelling red clover.


and fields...

and fields of red clover!
the bees will be having a hay day in these!

the cat-tails are living harmoniously with the pretty wild flowers.
one little yellow flower holds its head up high in the crowded field.

the fluffy blue clouds form a light canopy over the whole pretty picture.

and the green grass is rippling in the breeze.

but oh, oh, those clouds were sure getting black and heavy.!
we have had lightening storms the last week and so the little red car thought it best that we flee home!
"after all", it said, "what more can you ask for a ruby tuesday?
that red clover i found for you SHOULD be enough!"

well little red car, the joke is surely on you!
just before we turned the street leading to the little white house, the boss snapped this picture of three lads wearing the nicest ruby colored shirts that we had seen all day!

happy ruby tuesday everybody...alas, it will be my last ruby tuesday for almost four weeks.
next week, lord willing, the little red car will be heading bernie and me out west and maybe, just maybe i will be taking pictures of the flowered fields in my beloved manitoba.
the little red car insisted on coming this time, because three years ago when we went, we had the audacity to leave it home and rent a car and it was not a pretty sight!..ha!!

gold bless you.....love terry

Sunday, July 12, 2009