Sunday, July 12, 2009

Trish.. Sunday's Hymn Is Dedicated To You!

blessed lord's day to terry


Pat said...

Trish is going to love it! I do too!!

Crown of Beauty said...

Loved the song, it speaks about heaven, the eternal city where there are no goodbyes.

Thank you for leaving such a loving message on my blog, dear Terry. I could feel your warmth and your sincerity.

May God reward you for being such a channel of grace.

audrey` said...

Sunday's blessings to you too, Terry =)

Constance said...

Have an amazing week! The Lord has something special planned just for you!

Terry said...

For me connie?

Trish said...

Oh, Terry...I thank you sooo much!!! I was hardly home on Sunday, so I missed this blessing!
He was at a Church in Detroit last month and my sister Pam and I made sure that we were there!!! What is so wonderful is his testimony...he says it's not about his voice is what Christ has brought him through! Awesome!!!