Thursday, July 09, 2009

I Love This Song!

this is a beautiful hymn.
i have been enjoying it this evening and wanted to share it with you terry


oma aka meme said...

thank you for sharing this song-- yes - there is a river :-)

the little red car was busy and it was so nice to see the cherry tree- I have never saw on in the real...but I know that I will some day--
huggles from Meme

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
A good song to start my day.
Thank you for sharing.
From Felisol

Saija said...

there are so many wonderful hymns out there ... thank you for reminding me of this one!

hope you are enjoying the summer!!!

Pat said...

Oh Terry, how I love this old song. Thank you for bringing it back to my memory, I will be singing it for days to come!

Jim said...

I like your song, thank you for putting it on. You know, I am seeing a lot of blank space where I could sign up as a friend. Do you have that space, or is it broken?