Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Ruby Red Cherries On A July Ruby Tuesday


this week the little red car insisted that we go for a nice ride out into the country,
"after all", it said, "it has rained all week and it is such a nice sunny day!"
and so we went...out to fonthill and out to cherry country!
we looked upon rows upon straight rows of cherry trees!

the little red car insisted that we have our picture taken.
first the benardo...

and then the boss!

and then the little red car settled down for a sun bathing and a nap.

now bernie set out to find some cherries.... unfortunately, the pickers had been there and a lot of the trees were bare, but there were still some that were ripening for another days picking.

bernie didn't give up.
he found one ruby red cherry for me to photograph

and then he found this pair.
the two had dirty faces but there was no time to be wiping dirty faces!

and then he found a half a dozen blushing cherries.
things were surely looking up!

he walked until he found this wonderful branch laden with red and green cherries.

and this is what he found in the heart of the tree!!
just beautiful, eh?

happy ruby tuesday everybody!....god bless!!...love terry


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Hurray for the red cherry.
A cool and ingenious report from
this season's second highlight; the cherries.
We are still in strawberry season and enjoying life to it's full.
Good to know though, the cherries are just some weeks ahead.
Happy RT
From Felisol

Jim said...

Hey Terry, you did wonderful!!!!
Do you have the English law where you can eat a few of those cherries, just not pick any to take home or to sell?
I'd have eaten some anyway.

Happy RT. You are very lucky with that Bernie, no way Mrs. Jim would help me find red things for RT Day. :-)

Terry said...

hey mr.jim,
the little red car was in between its snoozing keeping a good eye on us and you know what?
as we were driving out, we saw the owner farmer in his truck a short distant away and i betcha', HE was keeping a good eye on us too.
although it was very tempting, we did not eat any of the cherries.ha!
the reason that mrs. jim doesn't go hunting for red things is because you hired adi to do the hunting and mrs. jim doesn't want to butt in, eh?

yes felisol, we are almost over strawberry season and they were so plump and sweet this year because of all of the rain!
the raspberries are coming along good too.
hope your wrist is feelng better.
felisol...you said that the princess is painting your house and you are making her paint your toe nails too!...ha!

love terry

Amrita said...

Ooooohhhh I can taste those blushing delights. Cherries are rare here on the hot plains. They comefrom the mountains.

The little red car certainly has a mind of its own. She takes you to all the right places. Good old Red Riding Hood.

Constance said...

You are making my mouth water! I remember my Omi (Grandma in Germany) making this unbelievably delicious cherry cake with a crumb topping. I would love to make that recipe but I don't think my Mom has it, I should ask her!

Trying to get caught up after being gone for our annual 4th of July bash with family!

Trish said...

Miss Terry I always enjoy your Ruby Tuesday Posts. Mmmm...Cherry Pie would be just yummy!

maryt/theteach said...

I always love you posts, Terry! The little RED car and the lovely, I hope, tasty cherries! Happy Ruby Tuesday! Thanks for your kind words about my post about Spc. Bradley Bell... :)

Crown of Beauty said...

what lovely cherries and cherry trees! Another beautiful ruby tuesday post from terry!

Thanks for such a cheerful post, dear Terry.

Mrs. Mac said...

Terry rhymes with cherry! Are those good old sour pie cherries? I have a little cherry tree and can't wait to pick its tiny harvest in about a week. Cherr-i-o

Rita said...

Looks like a great trip and wonderful capture. My grandparents had a cherry thee that I remember climbing to help pick the fruit.

Loved what grandma did with them even more.

Thanks for the nice memory.

Reg Szikora said...

Those Cherries look so good