Saturday, July 04, 2009

For Miss Patty

i was just over to see miss patty and my heart was so moved at her post.
she is so longing to see the statue of liberty one of these days.
I thought of this song and although the statue of liberty isn't really mentioned, LIBERTY is!
i hope that you like this miss patty.
what i love most about this video is seeing the americans putting their hands right over their hearts.
such respect and love they have for their grand old flag and their god blessed country!


love terry


Saija said...

well i shall just have to go visit Pat ... you are always so sweet to keep everyone updated ...

blessings on ya!

Pat said...

Oh thank you Terry, this is such a beautiful song! I am so thankful to be a citizen of this land that God has blessed. As a nation we need to be on our knees in continued prayer for his blessings. We must not turn our face from HIm.
Thank you for sharing this Independence Day with me!

Crown of Beauty said...

Yes, we are so blessed to have American friends dear Terry.

Thanks for being such a thoughtful blogger.

You are a blessing.

Amrita said...

Long live miss Patty
and Long Live miz Liberty

and of course we from all parts of the world have been set free by Christ.

Jada's Gigi said...

Ms. Terry, you are so sweet!

Trish said...

The statue of Liberty is as awe inspiring sight as I've ever seen!
Thank you for thinking of our Miss Patty!