Friday, July 18, 2008

Latest Update On Cole

Hi everyone .

Leslie called me this after noon to fill me in . I hope I can tell ya'll everything right cause I'm not good at remembering medical stuff?

We are still at round one since may 27th visit to Emory Hospital ? They wouldn't confirm thier dianogsis today either untill medical biospys get back on July 31st , that is when they will confirm his ailments ! His sugery went ok even though it lasted 2 times as long as they said. After July 31st they will schedule his other sugery ?

They took a piece if his liver to send off and said his liver was spongy and didn't look right and had Bile in it ? They couldn't understand why - maybe cause they took his gallbladder out in April ? They said the reason He stayed so sick and throwing up was cause it wouldn't act right entering into his intestines and the only way to get rid of it was to upchuck most all of what he ate ? They didn't rule out a liver transplant or a colostomy ?
They took samples all over his insides cause they found some other interesting aliens living in his body ?

I hope they find and cure what ever is wrong so He can celebrate his 13th birthday on August 3rd ?

His mom will probably update this sometime over weekend ?
Thanks for your prayers but don't stop now . Your prayers have been humbling to me and Cole and His family and you'll never know how much we appreciate them !


Update On Cole

This is another update for coles surgery tomorrow July 18th . It has been moved up and He has to be at hospital at 8:00Am and his sugery has been moved up to 10:30Am. Originally He had to be at hospital at 10:30Am and His sugery was at 1:30Pm. Pray for their safe traveling and for Chris and Leslie's sanity because they have their other 4 children with them . Thanks Ron.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cole....The John 3:16 Boy

Hello ,

Just wanting to ask for prayers for Cole [ my 12 year old grandson ] on his upcoming surgery Friday July 18th .

View his blog and leave comment at

He forgot about the liver transplant that still may have to be done .

Blessings and thanks !
Ron. RRBJ....

Here is a post that Cole made in April.

I’m sorry it has been so long since I have wrote anything I have just been really sick. A few months ago I had started throwing up like last year when I got mono. So I went to the doctor and they didn’t notice anything wrong. I kept throwing up but, it got worse everything I ate or drank came right back up. It made me lose about 20 pounds. The day after I went back the doctors told me too wait another week. I was in school and we were about to go to lunch when I was called to sign out. I got up to the office and my mom was there and she wouldn’t tell me what was wrong and we got home and she said to get some clothes and she very upset. I kinda figured that I was going to the hospital and that ended up to be where we were going.

We got there and the doctor said that I had to stay at the hospital. He said to stay in room 316 and all I could think was John 3:16. I didn’t know what was going to happen and me and my mom sat in the room for about an hour or so and three doctors came in the surgeon said that they are going to have to take my gallbladder out. They had to plan when to do the surgery so we had to wait. The surgeon wanted to do the surgery on the next day which was Saturday so I could get out of there on the weekend but, he couldn’t so we had to wait a week till surgery.

After the surgery I felt like I weighed 500 pounds. If you have a weak stomach skip this part. I had to use the bathroom so I got out of the hospital bed and yellow stuff from my stomach poured out all over the place. I could barely walk so my stepdad stayed and he had to help me get to the bathroom. The yellow stuff kept on pouring out seaping through the three pads I had on top of my bellybutton. I had four stitches and two were about two inches long and the other two were just dots. I also had no belly button it had to grow back cause it was closed up. I also could not sleep because every two hours the nurses would come in and take my blood pressure. The next day I went home but I couldn’t go to school or anything.

I had to be on hospital homebound for two months. I went back to school for about a week and I had gotten sick again. My mom and I went to the doctors office and the doctor did not no what to do so he did some bloodwork on my liver enzymes and ordered an ultrasound on my liver. When the test came back my liver enzymes were high and my liver was swollen really bad. The doctor researched some things I could have and there was a lot of different things that had the same symptoms so he did not know what was wrong. Just a few days ago we went back cause I am still hurting so he ordered a cat scan for may 8th so maybe on may 9th we will know something. So please pray for me. Thanks!!!

While you are praying for me, one more request
As some of you may know I have a sister that is 8 years old and has leukemia, she could really use prayer also. She has been sick for a long time and we know that prayer encourages miracles to happen, so if you would please pray for her to. Her name is Taylor. Thank you, Love Cole

Dear Blogger Friends, Donna...By His Stripes has Cole on her prayer blog as well as several others who are needing our prayers. So much need and the Lord Jesus tells us to pray without ceasing...Love Terry

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Miss Patty

Dear Miss Patty.
I know that your mom-in-law is not feeling well but I hope that you will still have a good day and that your family who love you so much will celebrate a little at least on this, your special day.
We all love you too and are wishing you a very...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thank you for the loan of this nice picture......Love from Bernie and Terry