Saturday, July 07, 2007

Happy Anniversary Jim And Mrs. Jim

Today is Jim, our own Singing Telegram Man's anniversary.

He and Mrs. Jim have caught up to Bernie and me, as they have now reached the big 35 years of wedded bliss!

As you know they are grandparents to Adi and Amber and I thought it only fitting that these two darlings should stand up as Maid of Honor and Best Lady.

I don't know for sure but I had heard Jim mention that he and his Mrs. were going to renew their vows but be that as it may, I thought I would pretend that they had.

Which is precisely why I have created this "wedding picture" for them.

Little Pilgrim, Hebrews 11:1, if you are anywhere about, you may have the honor of being the substitute singing "telegrammer" for these two very special people.

For sure and we cannot have Jim singing a telegram for his own renewing of his wedding vows can we?

Indeed not!!

Now in the picture you see Jim's dream car with a trailer to sit his two granddaughters in, but if you ask me he should of asked our Felisol for the loan of her husband, Gunnar's 1954 "Morris Garages" beauty of a car!
Then those two grandchildren would of rode in style, not to mention that the bride and groom would of too!
And possibly, now, JUST possibly we could of had Pilgrim David Fisher doing the chauffeur job!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Poor Starvng Adi

Adi's Grampa Jim kindly sent the video over and I am going to post it!

As you know Adi spent a few hours with Bernie and me and the cat on the July 4th holiday.She stayed only long enough to wolf down six big Macs and then she was on her way back home because she was in the Fourth Of July parade,
Grampa Jim immediately put her on a diet and told her she would have nothing to eat for two days!
This video proves how starved Adi gets and it shows why exactly that the poor child flies over the border to Canada every now and then where Bernie and I will treat her to all the big Macs that her stomach can hold!
Shame on you Grampa Jim!!

If the sound doesn't play, go here:

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fouth Of July To Our Beloved American Friends

Psalm 33:12..."Blessed be the nation whose God is the Lord;"

Psalm 103:17..."But the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting unto everlasting upon them that fear him, and his righteouness unto children's children."

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Golden Family Picnic...June 30 2007

This Saturday Mom Golden and part of her large family gathered together at the park for their first Family picnic of the summer .
Because of his dizziness, and with the ground being so uneven, Dad Golden stayed at home.

Here is Bernie looking over the scene.

I have my big brown hat on to hide the stitches in my forehead!

This group picture is Mom Golden, Bernie and I,Gracie and Betty's older daughter, Rachel

Here Gracey's son, Justin and her daughter, Lena are at their usual recreation of teasing each other.
Gracey has four children and they all love each other and they have always got along.

Bernie sits here happily with his two girls , Graceys daughters Lena and Amanda.
Little Daniel, Amanda's brand new baby sits contently on Uncle Bernie's lap.

This is Dad and Mom Golden's baby, Karen who is 42 enjoying the summer sun with her niece, Amy,Betty's youngest child.

Betty holds Amanda's baby boy, Daniel.
He is a little cutie and is quite enjoying being passed from arm to arm.

I relish my turn of holding on to that baby great nephew of mine!

Betty's girl. Rachel is the eldest grandchild in the Golden family and little Daniel is the youngest
Rachel is 34 and the baby is 4 months.

Here is Gracey and her four children, Lena, Amanda, Eric and Justin.

Eric sweeps his little gramma right off of her feet much to the enjoyment of her four other grandchildren.
From left to right they are Gary's two boys..Jacoob.Tyler, his friend, James and beside Eric and Grandma Golden, Gary's eldest boy, Christopher.

Here is James, Gary's boy with his second favorite auntie. Betty is his favorite!

Now THIS boy of Gary's, Christopher is standing with me. I AM his favorite auntie!

Gary's boy wears a coke T-shirt as he looks at the line of competition.

The Golden clan sits and talks just before lunch is served.

Here they are digging in.
They are fighting over the scalloped potatoes!!
Ahem!! I won't tell you who made them but in my opinion they are the tastiest dish on the menu!

Three cousins...Christopher, Chase,Amanda's older son and little Jordan, Lena's only child

Uncle Eric and Uncle Justin fighting over who gets to hold Daniel.

Uncle Eric wins!

Little Daniel being cuddled by Auntie Karen.

FOUR generations.Great Gramma Golden, Gramma Gracey, mama Amanda and baby Daniel.

Gramma Golden never misses a birthday and her she has given Rachel her June birthday card and a gift.

Betty's husband John chats with Gracey.

Little Jordan, Lena's boy and Gracey's grandson.

John, having a man to man talk with the nephews.

Mom Golden and our best family friend, Leona Horne

One happy Baby Daniel!

One happy Baby Daniel being held AGAIN by his cousin, Amy.

John and Leona's husband, Doug enjoying a little quietness as the children have all jumped into the park swimming pool.

Gramma Golden with Amanda.

Gracey and her little grey sunfire.

End of a perfect day for the baby and time to say goodbye!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Canada!!

Happy 140 years old Canada!!
C-eh? N-eh? D-eh?
Bernie and I and Betty's daughter, Amy wish you a Happy Canada Day, eh?!!!!!!!