Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Georgian Man

Poor man from Georgia RRBJ didn't have time to change his travelling suit so I just had to be content to take him as he was for his birthday card.
A little girl birdie told me today that it was her daddy's birthday so here is his card!

Actually he should be happy that I am even doing this for him!

All he gave Bernie and me and sweet Gracie for presents this year were pieces of coal in our hung up stockings!

See if I leave him a plate of canned carrots and Red Rose tea out next year!

Well anyways ,

Happy Birthday Ron!

You are a blessing!


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Monday, December 24, 2007

I Am Two Years Old!

It is really hard to believe that I have had a blog for two years!
I have met so many fine people and friends and I am so lucky!!
My friend from Kentucky, Morgan Denise encouraged me to make a blog site.
The picture below is the first one that I learned to download, and my Kentuckian friend, Erica taught me how.
Saija tried her hardest to teach me how to put favourite links on but it was a losing battle.
I am not too smart!!
Finally I entrusted my password to Noel Lewis who is a computer whiz and he did the tedious job of putting them on for me and I will be forever grateful...
Adi's grandpa Jim taught me how to download video and a profile picture and just this last week, my new friend, Mishka fixed my settings on my blog so that my poetry and hymns were in verse form..
If anybody has any problem with their blog, she is part of the blogger team that will help you out.
All in all I feel so rich having so many new people in my life that are so willing to help and so willing to pray for the different needs.
I am still pretty computer illiterate though.
Maybe if I had of started seven years ago when my sister, Betty was trying her hardest to convince Bernie and me to get a computer, I would have been a lot further ahead, eh, but really I am happy that at least I know enough to write to all of you...
I am thankful....
I love you all.....Love Terry

Remember, the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the heart of true Cindy Lew

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas in Heaven

The countless multitudes on high

That tune their songs in Jesus' Name,

All merit of their own deny

And Jesus' worth alone proclaim.

Firm on the ground of sovereign grace,

They stand before Jehovah's throne.

The only song in that blest place

Is, "Thou are worthy! Thou alone!"

With spotless robes of purest white,

And branches of triumphant palm,

They shout with transports of delight,

Heaven's ceaseless, universal psalm:

To Him who sits upon the throne,

And to the Lamb whose blood was shed;

Thou! Thou art worthy! Thou alone.

This morning as we were singing this opening hymn in the worship meeting, I could not help but think of these three dear people who will be spending their first Christmas in Heaven.

They are Felisol's dad....Miss Patty's dear mother, Eleanor and Pilot-Mom's mother who everyone called Nana.

Missed indeed they are to their families but happy indeed they are in heaven.
My friend, Leona gave me this poem and I am going to add it here in memory of these three dear Christians..
"I am now in Heaven
The gates have opened wide
And now I have the privilege
Of walking by His side.
The angel choir is singing,
And the music is so sweet;
I'll join them just as soon
As I have worshiped at his feet.
I am now in Heaven
And the blood-washed throng is here.
I recognise a lot of them
There's not a single tear.
There's joy beyond description
And reunions by the score;
There'll be no separations
For we'll be here evermore.
I am now in Heaven
Please wipe away your tears!
I've fought the battle, run the race,
I'm rid of all my fears.
There is no pain or sorrow here,
The heartaches now are past;
I've read and sung of Heaven,
And now I'm here at last!
I'm now in Heaven,
And oh, the place is grand!
No one could ever tell me
All the beauties of this land,
Since I cannot describe it,
You'll have to come to see
That it was worth the trials
To live here eternally.