Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas in Heaven

The countless multitudes on high

That tune their songs in Jesus' Name,

All merit of their own deny

And Jesus' worth alone proclaim.

Firm on the ground of sovereign grace,

They stand before Jehovah's throne.

The only song in that blest place

Is, "Thou are worthy! Thou alone!"

With spotless robes of purest white,

And branches of triumphant palm,

They shout with transports of delight,

Heaven's ceaseless, universal psalm:

To Him who sits upon the throne,

And to the Lamb whose blood was shed;

Thou! Thou art worthy! Thou alone.

This morning as we were singing this opening hymn in the worship meeting, I could not help but think of these three dear people who will be spending their first Christmas in Heaven.

They are Felisol's dad....Miss Patty's dear mother, Eleanor and Pilot-Mom's mother who everyone called Nana.

Missed indeed they are to their families but happy indeed they are in heaven.
My friend, Leona gave me this poem and I am going to add it here in memory of these three dear Christians..
"I am now in Heaven
The gates have opened wide
And now I have the privilege
Of walking by His side.
The angel choir is singing,
And the music is so sweet;
I'll join them just as soon
As I have worshiped at his feet.
I am now in Heaven
And the blood-washed throng is here.
I recognise a lot of them
There's not a single tear.
There's joy beyond description
And reunions by the score;
There'll be no separations
For we'll be here evermore.
I am now in Heaven
Please wipe away your tears!
I've fought the battle, run the race,
I'm rid of all my fears.
There is no pain or sorrow here,
The heartaches now are past;
I've read and sung of Heaven,
And now I'm here at last!
I'm now in Heaven,
And oh, the place is grand!
No one could ever tell me
All the beauties of this land,
Since I cannot describe it,
You'll have to come to see
That it was worth the trials
To live here eternally.


Pat said...

What a beautiful poem...and what a comfort to know that Mom is in such a beautiful place for all eternity! Thank you for posting this - it really touched my heart.
I wish you and Bernie and your family and very Merry Christmas!!

Saija said...

i absolutely love that poem ... what a hope for the saved sinner! oh what glory that will be ...

blessings on your Christmas Terry - you are a faithful and wonderful encourager!

Mrs. Mac said...

The perfect Christmas for these dear loved ones that have gone to Heaven this past year.

Merry Christmas Terry & Bernie. I hope you have a green Christmas ;)

Pilot Mom said...

Merry Christmas, Terry and Bernie! Terry, I have to admit that tears flowed freely when I saw this post and pic of Nana. She truly has been missed, not only today but through this whole year. There have been many times I have wished I could have come in, gone to her room and sat down for a long talk. With all that has taken place with Jim's cancer this year I have missed confiding in my mom.

Thank you for remembering her during this special time. Wow! What a year she has experienced! And to think she has only "just begun!"

I love you, dear Friend!

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
thank you for the wonderful poem and for taking the trouble of making a picture with my beloved Dad in it.
We are still in Sauda surrounded by 121 1ooo meters high mountain peaks and only a slow modem to help us getting out in the world..
Christmas Eve we were in church for Christ-mass. Afterwards we visited the graves of my father and grandfather and grandmother, hung the wreathes above the snow and lit 60 hours candles in the grave lamps.
by the dinner table my brother for the first time read the Christmas gospel. He's 56 years now, and except for at my father's deathbed
I have not seen him cry since he was 8. He could not withhold his tears as he read from the Bible. It was a tough, but rich moment as well. The words were gloriously meaningful, though hardly spoken.
Oh, we are rich and blessed who gather around The Holy Book for the good news for all mankind.
In Norway we even celebrate 2. Christmas Day as a holy day.
Tomorrow it's business as usual, but then we've all had long wonderful time together, and shall continue to do so for some more days.
God bless you and Bernie and the grand family of yours,
Fome Felisol

Vicki said...

Yes, just beautiful, Terry! Allow me to add to Heaven's "address" parents and hubby's mom who passed away this year. Their Christmas is far beyond anything we can imagine while we tarry on the earth.

love you bunches,