Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas At Minerva's

With Christmas just around the corner, I have asked my friend, Minerva if I could borrow a sweet post from her blog...
I have been so encouraged by her thoughts of Christmas.
I have decided that I will treasure the time that I have with my family and my friends and to not take anyone for granted!
Minerva has been battling with cancer for a time.
And yet she can write this!

Here then is her post...

Thursday, December 13, 2007" Happiness Tonight",.... the lights are on in my house. Tonight, three gorgeous children are snuggling around me on the old worn blue sofas. Tonight I have a hand on each child, and heads cuddling my lap. Tonight, my fears are calmed and my worries soothed.Tonight, I am a mother. Tonight my children, all my children are home and I am so content. Tonight life is wonderful. Tonight, I am exactly where and how I want to be. Tonight, being a mother at home, watching the television, normally a completely pedestrian activity is heightened to an extraordinary one.There is no greater love than a parent for their children, and tonight, my heart sings, soars and swoops in happiness at having my children back. I am doing what I was born to do, to nurture, succour and just be there.I am determined to try and hug this happiness to me. Perhaps in the days ahead, days of tests, needles and scans, I can try and keep this hot water bottle of maternal love warm to insulate me against those awful cold days which I will face.But that is all for another time. Tonight I am happy to be here, in London, now.Minerva

Thank you so much Minerva for letting me use this and I also would like to add a comment that one of your many friends left for you.

It is just like the icing in the cake!

Lyn said...
Sleigh bells ring...When you are listening you can hear them all over the world while the lights of Christmas glimmer like the brightest stars in the heavens. As the trees are trimmed and the carefully wrapped packages placed under them, the world in silent slumber sleeps in anticipation of the excitement when families wake to celebrate the profound love and joy of being together. Dear sweet Minerva, I wish you and your children these magic gifts of Christmas.
12/16/2007 11:47 PM


Adi's Grandpa said...

Terry, your middle name is John 15:17 and you live it!
Merry Christmas and God bless you. So if you don't write again for another while you know my wishes.

Terry said...

Aw Jim, Adi's grandpa.
I just googled that verse and that is so kind of you!
I tell you Jim though that to know Minerva is to love her!
She has been a joy to me and many other people! Both her and "Especially Heather".....Love Terry

craziequeen said...

I have photos of 'The Swan' on my blog now.....


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I thin Minerva - and you have caught the true spirit of Christmas and life.
It's very core is being close to people, to grip the moment, to enjoy company of dears ones, not chasing innumerable things or winds.
I guess living on the edge makes one realize which choices to make to seize the valuables and reject the empty, time stealing ones.

At least this is how I feel about my mother, Serina, Gunnar, aunt Lilly, my brother.
If I shall somehow be able to cuddle, feel, feed, play, laugh and worship with my near and dear ones, I have to cut out the time used for empty parties, shopping and prestiges Christmas home decorating.
I have been tough this December, 'cause I knew what was at a stake.
I've reached Christmas Eve too many times all worn out, with nothing more to give or receive.
This year we have moved in very small paces, one step a day. Twice in church for wonderful concerts, one day for letter writing, one day for baking, one day for wrapping and labeling gifts and so on.
The 17th we went to the graveyard, Gunnar, my sister-in-law and I (we missed the children) with lights and wreaths. Its mighty to stand there in the dark with our torches lit, singing for Gunnar's sister, parents and grandfather.
Its our own tradition and its so peaceful and feels so right.
Yesterday we had Ruby home from London (Writtle), tomorrow Serina will arrive, and all will be ready for all of us to enjoy.
22 Gunnar's family will gather at our home and next day we'll be off to Sauda.
Its getting dark early, four in the afternoon, but in two days the sun will turn and we're heading for lighter times.
Dear Terry, I wish you, the Shirkie's, the Golden's a peaceful Christmas, a blessed celebration and God's hand in yours for the Year to come.
From your Norwegian sister Felisol

Mrs. Mac said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful, touching moment between a mother and her very dear precious children. I'm sure this memory of a moment in time will bring great comfort to her in the days and medical procedures that are just ahead... but for that moment, time stood still and will live on in her heart.

Amrita said...

Thank you for visiting my garden Terry.

I like your profile and choice of music and that you take care of the elderly.

Today my web browser is giving me a lot of trouble.

I 'll be dropping in to visit you.
Your family testimony is great.

Bill said...

Hi Terry,
Judy and I thank you and want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year. I look forward to seeing your blog postings I think they are great and you have quite the gift for writing. Keep up the great work and Take care. God Bless you for helping us and so many others in this world.

Mrs. Mac said...

Miss Terry are you so very busy or hiding? We have yet have a decent snow ball fight this year. Tis good for your soul if you have a wee bit of winter fun, eh??