Saturday, December 15, 2007

David Ring

David Ring and his lovely family...

Adi's Grampa Jimmie.... told me how to add videos to my blog and I think I have finally learned how!.

Here are a couple of my favourite videos...Love Terry.......Thanks Singing Telegram Man!


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
thanks for sharing the David Ring Experience.
I've had some wonderful, blessed moments being a participant in his meetings.
Please, keep on uTubing. I don't know how to do it, but I know what I need.
being unfinished in God's oven.
From Felisol
Ps. Someday you should post a relation tree. I don't quite get how you are related to my dear Texan Jim.

Anonymous said...

Hi, sweetie!

Thank you for the hugs!
How are your parents doing??

Love and Prayers,

LMG sends her love too!

Anonymous said...

Hi, again, Sweetie!

I miss your notes! Not like I've had time to be on here myself! I just went over to my recently-widowed neighor this evening to express my sympathy...but what omfort can one give when crying oneself?? She invited me back again anytime...I'll be sure to go just so I get out a bit extra.

I was behaving like a ten-year-old in a snowy forest today...did you get the huge dumping? We got 32 cm., and we took two children on our walk with us into the woods. The 9 y.o. boy and I went to fetch a bird feeder and set it up closer to the path, and we foudn ourselves in a drift with snow up to my waist!! And I did't have snow pants on either! "This is like an ocean!" he exclaimed, "Let's try swimming." He "swam" for a few yards, and when I saw he easily made progress, I threw myself on the snow and "swam" for a while, too, before figuring out that crawling was easier. Imagine....a 21 year old crawling on snow! Oh, we had fun, I must admit!

Gotta get to bed!

Love and Prayers,

PS I hope that story made you laugh ;) I am still giggling!

Mrs. Mac said...

What an inspiration ... thanks for sharing and spreading your famous Sonshine.