Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Jammie

I have just begun today to visit some people who I have been really neglecting the last while and this girl Jeanette who has been one of so many people praying for Dad Golden...well I missed her birthday so here is a much belated card for her!
She is the wife of Tony and the mother of five cats and an assortment of pet fishes!

OK, so this card is late...... Landing on your mat...... But the others were bought in a shop...... How difficult is that ?...... This card took skill and talent[Ha!]...... And dedication to create...... And days of thought and craftsmanship...... It's no wonder that it's late...... But seriously, I'm sooooo sorry
Happy Birthday!!!!.........Love Bernie and Terry and Shopper[who by the way sends hugs to your dear family]!


Felisol said...

Happy birthday to all the children of December!
And to all the fourtyniners!!
Hope you are feeling better Terry.
Seems like you've got your old energy back.
I have not stopped praying for any of you Goldens/Shirkies.
LOve Felisol

Terry said...

Well my Felisol...I went to Minerva's this morning and she had such a good post that I was encouraged to get back into checking out my friend's blogs, especially since they have been so faithful in praying for your prayer child and my dad...Dad Golden.

Ha!! Happy Birthday to all the 40 niners for sure!!
That Jeanette is just a little bitty kiddo yet!!
And her birthday was in November!

I will see you on your blog later my Norwegian Terry

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry,
Glad you back ? Thanks Felisol for birthday wishes for December Kids. I will have made my Mom and Dad very happy 62 years-11 months-27 days-5 1/2 hours when life was breathed into me .

Just wanted to say hello and still praying for Dad Golden !

Merry Christmas .

Terry said...

Nice try Anon?
You must think that I don't know who you are?
Gotta get up pretty early in the morning to beat me? Ron...RRBJ..Grandpaw?
When Princess was visiting, she let lots of cats out of the bag whereas Adi was very closed mouthed about her Grampa Jimmie? I had to find that one out on my own?.....Now when I figure out the math, you will hear from me???
Love Terry?

Thanks for praying for Dad Golden.
He is still on the waiting list but God must have some reason for it..

Jammie J. said...

Awww, thanks! Hehehe, you're not late at all. My birthday balloons are still filled with helium at work, so it's still my birthday! :)

Can you believe it? 37 days after my birthday and my balloons are still floating around! :)u

Anonymous said...


Bill said...

Hi Terry, thank you so much, I want to let you know Judy had her last Chemo treatment on the 11th and is still feeling weak and tired but otherwise ok for now. We have to go back tomorrow so she can get a shot to get her white blood count back up and I hope it will help her.
Again Thank You for your kindness and prayers without them it would not be the same. God Bless you and Please take care.

Sara said...

hello miss terry! stopping in to visit and send our love and prayers for dad golden. i'm sure winter is settling in around you like it is for us. stay warm!

Saija said...

jj still looks like a spring chicken! :o)