Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Black Kitty On A Ruby Tuesday


here is a self portrait of bernie and i and the two cats when we lived on ontario road.
this little guy came into our lives february 1982...it was during a blizzard that we heard him meowing outside and upon opening the door, there he was... caught in a big snow drift.
i grabbed him, and pulled him out of the snow and told him, "you are in to stay and your name will be sir galahad!".
you are MY cat!!

bernie figured he was HIS cat!...how happy i was when the ads we put out about that fluffy black cat were never answered!

now this is the reason i have made my ruby tuesday post about my big black cat.
bernie has been scanning mom golden's photo albums and we have found so many pictures of our cats.
here she is holding BERNIE'S cat and here she is sitting on a chair covered by a ruby red towel.

when we found shopper in 1995, he and sir galahad became fast friends.


hanging around together..partners in crime!

sir galahad had a very hefty appetite.

now this is something i could never do.
before bernie eats the dish of ice cream i have given him, he lets sir galahad take a few licks first....yuck!

bernie telling galahad who the boss is!

here are the partners in crime hatching out a plan to run away from home.

here that bad black kitty is hiding in the dryer!

...and then in the empty laundry basket!

curling into a big black ball does him no good!

bernie loves his little buddy shopping news and the two of them are always together,

....as are sir galahad and me.

mom golden gave me a birthday card one day with a big black sir galahad!

i loved my cat so much and really do miss him....i guess i am a one cat person.

here the three boys are rolling on the rug....the white cat is the kitty we had before we met galahad...his name is animal.

bernie has an armful here..sir galahad and my brother teddy's cat "casey", who stayed with us for a few weeks while he was healing from a broken leg.

three cats awaiting bernie who has just come home from the "salt mines"!

sir galahad....

animal and....

casey....[tiny tim].

casey was a darling little kitty...he lived for over twenty years.

there is that sir galahad helping himself to a piece of toast!
"fess up gala...were you into the food?"

"it wasn't me" said shopping news."

"well, don't look at ME!"

shopping news is grounded and .....

so is sir galahad!

i have always taught sir galahad to be patriotic and to love the queen.

what a comfy arm full that galahad was!"

the two boys loved to help out bernie when ever they could.

sit galahad knew that we had a love of the bible...god's word.

shopping news..that is not a black stuffed pillow..it is your brother, sir galahad!

in the last year of his life we could see that sir galahad was failing.
he was getting pretty frail.

his favourite place was the old rocking chair.

bernie giving sir galahad one of his last hugs.
we were all so very said when at the age of 16 sir galahad said his good byes..... about five years ago on february 13....we all missed him..

and so did his brother, shopping news...

and now bernie and i miss them both because they were part of the family..

happy ruby tuesday everyone and god's blessings....love terry