Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Chilly Ruby Tuesday


I have been a little slow in putting in my Ruby Tuesday this week!
We have been going out every night to special gospel meetings in Niagara Falls and it has made me a little tired by times.
But I love to go and take my friend and Mom Golden out to the meetings.
Anyways I best be getting this post done before midnight and before it is Wednesday ,eh?

Well, this is about the look of things here in Southern Ontario.
The red and golden and orange and yellow leaves have mostly all fallen, and the naked trees are shivering!
This ruby sunset was taken in Niagara Falls with my old but still trusty 35 mil camera.
I put this picture of Bernie and me [also taken with 35 mil] picture into the sunset.
It has really turned cold here and even though the red sunset looks warm, we are definitely in for some frigid and snowy weather!
This Friday when Bernie and I drove to St Catharine's, we were greeted by this Salvation Christmas helper.
A sure sign that Christmas is a coming!
This Santa Clause's elf offers plenty of red. Right from her bright suit jacket and Sally Anne sign to a red plastic cup of Cola!

Here is little laddie
who is learning at an early age, the good practise of giving!
He surely does look good in his little red shirt!

Here is a footnote to this post.
In Welland as we were heading out to shop in St. Catharine's, I spotted this hardy tree. It was fighting winter and standing as firm as it could on to autumn ground!
When we saw it today , it was still fighting but we all surely know that by this time next week it will be as bare as the rest of its buddies!!
Oh the shame of it all!!!

It was snowing on our way home from Niagara Falls this evening.
When we have our first decent snow, I am going to make a huge snowball and throw it right through cyberspace at Mrs. Mac!
Did you all know that she is the Idaho Snow Queen, and proud of it?

Yes it is surely cold here but never the less....HAPPY RUBY TUESDAY TO THE TEACH AND HER MANY FRIENDS
.........................Love Terry