Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Anniversary To My Husband


here is a picture of gary and bernie and i....gary, my bother introduced bernie to me when we lived in ottawa...he has never forgotten to wish us a happy anniversary...NEVER!!.....we just got off the phone with him.

these two small pictures are the "before we met" pictures. and the photo under them is the farewell to bernie and gary and ottawa and dad golden and the six children had moved south to welland and so a few months later betty and i moved to be with them...we rented a small house in st catharines...parting is such sweet sorrow, eh? .....a few months later gary and bernie migrated south and moved in with mom and dad golden and the kids.

on a cool day, march 11, 1972 bernie and i were married in the gospel hall....when bernie and i were married, mom golden told everybody that she was losing a son and losing the best help she had ever had....not a mention of losing a daughter! is a good thing that i didn't know mrs. mac then..i am sure that she would of given us a nice wedding gift of new fallen snow!

this is the only baby i ever had...i found him one stormy february day...he was stuck in a huge snow drift outside the house and when i heard him meowing, i grabbed him and told him he was here to stay!..he lived for sixteen years....his name?...well, what else could i have called him other than, "sir galahad"?!

you all know who this little guy is laying on the bed, next to his would never see one without the other...shopper left us just after christmas this year at the age of 14.

my grandpaw ron and princess made this seems they had heard how hard i was working bernie and they took some pity on him!....well little do they know, since bernie has retired, i have kept him even busier than before!

shopper USED to help bernie with the laundry!

but alas!...bernie now has to do it all by himself.....he really shouldn't complain though....after all i buy him only the best brands of detergent and softener to work with.

don't you realize bernie that this is what marriage is all about?....helping wifey as much as you can?....carry on boy!

...and doing the dishes for mom golden as much as you can?...after all didn't she tell everybody that you were the best help that she ever had? on boy!

oh well, in these "after" pictures, it looks like we are not least I AM happy!

alas!..i can't say the same for poor bernie.....he is in the dog house at the moment, because he forgot all about that it was our anniversary and he finally realized it was when the mail came and we got a real nice anniversary card from gramma and grampa yade! ...grampa yade was our master of ceremonies at our wedding and he told everybody that bernie had just tied a knot with his tongue that he would never be able to get out with his teeth!!...hahahaha!!

oh well, after i looked at this "now" picture that grampa yade took a while back, i guess i will forgive bernie...if he says that it will never happen again!...i guess i will keep the guy after his putting up with ME the last 38 years!

Happy Anniversary get back to work! terry

Monday, March 08, 2010

Ruby Tuesday Visitors From Iowa
the little red car has been complaining lately that we have been neglecting it the last few weeks as far as ruby tuesday is concerned and so we set up the tripod and camera and took this photo.
bernie and i are dressed in matching red jackets that our good friends, doug and leona had given to us..

this was the weekend that teddy, my brother and his family came from iowa to attend the marriage of their son, craig and his girlfriend, kris. it has been too long since we have seen them.
here is mom golden with her four oldest children, betty, teddy, terry, gary and her younger daughter, gracey

try as she will, poor lois, our precious sister-in-law is still put in second place as far as the phone is concerned..haha!
teddy is talking to his son in-law in iowa who is holding the fort and looking after the eight cats that his daughter, ginny owns!

now here are two of teddy's and lois's children, jeffery and ashley..the two girls have obligingly worn red.
teddy had asked me if i would ruby tuesday their visit!
so i told him, "THAT is exactly what i had in mind!"

when i look at this picture of mom golden looking at ashley, it seems to me that mom golden is looking into a mirror.
maybe a picture of her younger self, eh?

jeffery and his girlfriend had flown from vancouver to come to the wedding.
it was so nice to see them again!

whenever the family gathers together, it is usually at betty's or her daughter, rachel's.
they are both good is betty, hard at it, preparing the cold cuts for the sub sandwiches.

the table looked just fine!

alas though!.betty had wanted me to bring devilled eggs and i didn't mind at all, but i don't own a proper dish for it, so i did the best i could and so this is where i put my eggs...well, at least there was a little red on the cartons![i made three dozen]

two cousins, jeffery and little john, betty's son are glad to be together..

here is leona with betty's newest doggie.
i just wonder if that leona wears red on purpose whenever she comes to the family gatherings..i think she likes to be ruby redded!!

doug, leona's husband is always happy to come along.
after all, he and his wife are part of the family!

these two brothers look very innocent indeed, but when they were young boys and dad golden was in the air force, working as a fireman, they kept their dear old daddy VERY busy, putting out a grass fire that they had started, using magnifying they sure weren't innocent then!
for sure and they were partners in crime!

this little guy is gary's grandson.
andrew is a very good boy and he and gary are always together at the family parties.

gary and mom golden have always been close.
because gary lives in welland and although he works seven nights a week, he phones dad golden every day and he tries to visit mom golden at least once a week.
he has often done mom golden's laundry when she wasn't feeling well.

gracey is mom's favourite child.
we are ALL mom's favourite child!..all nine of us!
gracey stays pretty close to mom golden though.
and you hardly see one without the other when the family is together.

now, this is one girl that is well loved by the whole family.
dad and mom golden consider leona part of the family.

this is our little princess, ivy[jeffery's girlfriend] since they have moved far out west, and we haven't seen them for six months, we were really glad to see her...i especially admire the shades of red in her pretty hair...perfect for a ruby tuesday!

this is ginny, teddy's and lois's daughter who is a cat lover. she has eight of them, as i have told you and her picture folders in this lap top are just full of pictures of cats, every colour of the rainbow!

amy, betty's daughter, with a dog!.

ashley, teddy's daughter with the other dog!!

doug with a dog!!!

betty with TWO dogs!!!!

little john with one mad and jealous red eyed cat!!!!!

AND...hahaha! two flattened dogs...flattened by one mad and really jealous red eyed cat!!!!!!
after the dastardly deed was done that black cat made a quick get away into the basement!!!!!!!

mom golden and her two oldest boys say their farewells for a while...farewells are ALWAYS so sad!

mean while, back at the is one more picture of the little red car and the red hooded golden shirkies!
i really think that amrita will have to stop calling the little red car "little red riding hood".
i have taken over that title and bernie has turned into the big bad wolf!

have a happy ruby tuesday everybody!!!!god bless mary t, the ruby tuesdayers and all the friend terry

ps..bernie says that the little red car looks like it has a big dent in the driver's side front bumper but don't you worry, it is only the shadow of our white cedar tree's bare branches.!