Friday, March 27, 2009

Hey Mr. Jim!

Question by Mr. Jim,
Terry. I am glad that the sisters could get together like this. I thought I might have to ask you for an organization chart but I think I got it straight. They are a nice family.
I missed Dad Golden, was he upset at something and stayed home? Really, I hope he is okay.

wedding picture of Mom and Dad Golden, created by Betty

Bernie, Sandra, Gail and Dad Golden

Dad Golden with his favourite daughter.
But.....Betty, Sandra, Gracey, Gail, Karen and me are ALL his "favourite daughter"!

Answer by Terry,

Dear Mr. Jim,
Although Dad Golden was married to the prettiest waitress in the Blue Star, he has never been one that likes to dine out. He is truly a home body, but he did leave the apartment long enough [after he had given everyone an ice cream stick], for me to snap a picture of him with his two girls, and Bernie!

Thank you for your prayers Mr.Jim.....Love Terry

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ruby Tuesday At The Blue Star With The Golden Family

This Saturday two Golden sisters came to visit Dad and Mom Golden.
Sandra from Toronto and Gail Golden M. from New Market.
With them were Gail and Ross's two boys, Daniel and Philip.
Special boys they certainly are to their Welland aunties.
Above is the Blue Star Restaurant where Sandra gathered as many of the family as she could for a "family" meal!

Now Blue Star holds a special interest to Mom Golden's children.
This restaurant started its business in 1947 and Mom Golden worked there as a waitress in 1954.
She was 24 at the time and Dad Golden was out of a job.
She had four small kids to feed!
I have put her picture in the Blue Star sign.
She sure was one pretty waitress, eh?
I just bet she got a lot of tips!

Oh! She is STILL kind of cute!

Here is the blue room where we dined!

Here sits just a small part of the Golden family.
Around the table starting at the front left is Sandra Golden, Daniel M and his mother Gail, Mom Golden peeking around Gail, Bernie and who know who?, Karen Golden,[ Mom and Dad Golden's 43 year old baby], Betty B and finally Philip M, Gail and Ross's boy.

Philip has always been some what of a dreamer.
He is always thinking about what he can invent and invent he surely does!
He creates many things with hundreds of Popsicle sticks that Grampa Golden mails to him and he makes picture frames from waxed paper or foil rolls.
He is also an excellent photographer.

Oh boy this character sure looks like a real party pooper!
Maybe in two weeks from now when she is fitted up with a pace maker, she will be doing cart wheels, eh?
But in the meantime she will be one drag!!

This is my baby sister Karen.
Karen and David are Mom and Dad Golden's Manitoba babies!
Karen lives in St Catharine's now in a cozy little apartment.

Now our sister, Sandra is a Toronto girl but the owner of the Blue Star who had once had a date with Sandra, maybe thirty years ago came to have a little chat and of course we all got our cameras going for this shot!
Sandra has always been a beautiful girl, inside and out!
She and Mom Golden are very close!

Did you ever hear the song that there will be no mister that can come between me and my sister?
Well in this case, judging by this picture, there will be no mister that can come between me and my camera!

This is a sweet picture of my sister Gail Susan and her son and her baby, Daniel.
I have called my sister "Hortense" for several years now.
Daniel is not the inventor that Philip is but he has a great interest in well constructed buildings and in good furniture.

All of Mom and Dad Golden's twenty-six grand children love their Aunt Betty.
Betty is the oldest of the children and she had to babysit us a lot when we were growing up and I am telling you, we were a bad bunch.
Betty always used to say that when she grew up, and got married, she would never have kids because they were so BAD!
Well, she had five children...Ha!
Philip does love his auntie!

Another picture of our sweet Karen.
In all of her years growing up, we have never heard her say a bad word about anybody!

Here is a picture of the guy that I let be the boss!
Ha! I always tell him that he is the head but I am the neck!
Turn this way!
Turn that!..Ha!

The kids always have a camera in Mom Golden's face and Gail is no exception!
Mom Golden is just a lovin' it!

Aunt Sandra and Daniel seem to be having a good time.

Philip likes to talk and here Uncle Bernie is giving him a willing and a listening ear!

I always hate good byes and here is Daniel and Uncle Bernie and the little red car saying their farewells!

Oh Daniel has an attractive ruby coloured jacket!

Philip is waiting for his Mama and his Auntie Sandra.
They will be going over to see Grampa Golden, who will shower them with ice cream sticks!

Oh these are just two gorgeous girls, my beloved sisters, Sandra Leigh Golden and Karen Dianne Golden!!
Both of them natural blonds!

Bye Betty Jane and Karen Dianne!
Bye Blue Star Restaurant!
Let's do this more often, eh?

Sunday, March 22, 2009