Friday, March 27, 2009

Hey Mr. Jim!

Question by Mr. Jim,
Terry. I am glad that the sisters could get together like this. I thought I might have to ask you for an organization chart but I think I got it straight. They are a nice family.
I missed Dad Golden, was he upset at something and stayed home? Really, I hope he is okay.

wedding picture of Mom and Dad Golden, created by Betty

Bernie, Sandra, Gail and Dad Golden

Dad Golden with his favourite daughter.
But.....Betty, Sandra, Gracey, Gail, Karen and me are ALL his "favourite daughter"!

Answer by Terry,

Dear Mr. Jim,
Although Dad Golden was married to the prettiest waitress in the Blue Star, he has never been one that likes to dine out. He is truly a home body, but he did leave the apartment long enough [after he had given everyone an ice cream stick], for me to snap a picture of him with his two girls, and Bernie!

Thank you for your prayers Mr.Jim.....Love Terry


Felisol said...

Tell Dad Golden I can see from his wedding picture, he's still got that royal look, but that he has got even more huggable as years has gone by.
he still rules the family clan.
From Felisol

jel said...

cool shot there Sweet T,

I'm with Dad Golden , about being ahomebody, there's no place like home :)

Trish said...

My Daddy was a homebody too...i sure am missing him right now.
What a blessing that you still have yours to spend such times with!

Constance said...

Family fun! I love it when my family gets together as well! Great conversations, memories and pranks! We are loud to be sure and run off respectable folks!


Amrita said...

Wonderful pictures Terry. Hugs to all of you.

donna said...

its always such fun to see your family shots....still praying for our DAD Golden.