Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas At The Palace

This week our client's home, five girls have been putting the palace into order for Christmas.
One girl scrubbed the house from top to bottom and another did some decorating.
She changed the old spinning wheel into a Christmas tree fit for a queen.
She put electric candles throughout our lady's special room.
Betty rummaged through boxes looking for more Christmas ornaments and another girl did some MORE decorating, while our sweet lady watched peacefully from her bed.
Another girl brought in tons of chocolates, the lady's favorites and one bite brownies another of our darling's weaknesses.
Terry swept in with her camera and cleaned up on the spoils getting these pictures.
Well I guess Terry DID do one thing more.
She cleaned and shined up all of the queen of the castles old brass today and fed the fair lady pizza, the client's FAVORITE meal!!