Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas At The Palace

This week our client's home, five girls have been putting the palace into order for Christmas.
One girl scrubbed the house from top to bottom and another did some decorating.
She changed the old spinning wheel into a Christmas tree fit for a queen.
She put electric candles throughout our lady's special room.
Betty rummaged through boxes looking for more Christmas ornaments and another girl did some MORE decorating, while our sweet lady watched peacefully from her bed.
Another girl brought in tons of chocolates, the lady's favorites and one bite brownies another of our darling's weaknesses.
Terry swept in with her camera and cleaned up on the spoils getting these pictures.
Well I guess Terry DID do one thing more.
She cleaned and shined up all of the queen of the castles old brass today and fed the fair lady pizza, the client's FAVORITE meal!!


Susan Adams said...

Miss Terry,
Could you five girls come on down to Tennessee and decorate this country cabin? I could use some good photo's of it as well. I just love Miss Katy and tell her just how smashing she looks in the middle of that palace. Great way to celebrate the birth of our Savior.
With the Joy of Jesus Inside,
Susan Adams

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

You girls have been working I see. Well I hope that you are having a great time. We are finished here. We did not do much this year.
Lucy is still missing and we have had some very very cold weather. I am just hoping that someone picked her up and she is in a warm place. I have to get over missing her. I look for her all of the time. In the meantime Simon has been a meany. He bit me the other night really bad. I have a big place on my wrist.
Have a great weekend. Sandy

Anonymous said...

How pretty!!! That second picture is so nice, and the little houses look so cute!!

I'm kind of surprised to hear that Miss Katy likes pizza. It's one of my favorite meals too!! Tell Miss Katy I said 'hi'!


Maggie Ann said...

Terry, what beautiful pictures! I've enjoyed seeing the beauty of Miss Katy's castle decorated for Christmas. Five daughters! Imagine...what a wonderful thing that must be. I have a friend who has 4 daughters and I used to tell her she was a rich woman. I have 2 daughters and one son. One of our girls is with the Lord though. I'd better get to bed, I've a bad habit of poking around when I get tired at night instead of going to get some rest. Hope you have a good day, cheerful and nice tomorrow.

Terry said...

Hey Maggie-ann...Actually we five girls aren't her daughters but we act like we are at times. I guess you can say we are the daughters that she never had!
She has two sons.

Morgan I will tell Katy and Mr. Frog Hi for you and Jo...

Flip Flop..I am still hoping that Lucy will come back. I think about her all the time!
I guess I was wrong to say that Simon is a good cat!! He bit you? Maybe he misses Lucy..

Susan, I hope you got my mail but Canada Post is very slow by times!!......Love Terry

jel said...

terry , very cool pics

and as for the age thingy you don't look a over 391/2 :)


Susan Adams said...

Miss Terry,
You must give Sandy, "it's a flip-flop world" my sympathy. I truly understand the sorrow of losing a pet/family member. I sincerely hope her Lucy does come home! The Canadian mail is slow, but I will email you when we receive your letter. It took forever to get you your CD's. These things take time. Have a wonderful Christmas.
With the JOY of Jesus Inside,
Susan Adams

dRaGoNfLy WiNgS said...

oh wow!! Looks real cosy over there. Been busy these few days so just managed to see your latest pix.

Lady K is so blessed to have you all. :D

Wendy WaterBirde said...

Oh wow Terry this is lovely! So peaceful and happy. You have such a wonderful eye for beauty...and for spreading it : )

Hope your advent is being a blessed one : ) Wendy

susanwalkergirl said...

Miss Terry...Miss Katy is most fortunate and blessed by God to have you girls.

Her place looks beautiful. No I'm partial to the those are the pictures I'm looking closely at. But I must say...I do so like the spinning wheel all decked out for Christmas.

On Thanksgiving day...I decorated my mom Gayle's place for Christmas. It's become something of a tradition. A Christmas movie...and out come the boxes of decorations.

While Gayle's room looks fun and truly have the knack. Miss Katy must be enjoying her beautiful room.

Keep those pictures coming!


Saija said...

i love your pics!! and how you guys all got together to do your part ... :)

blessings on ya!

Jessica said...

OH! I just love those cozy pictures! It makes me want to curl up at her house, turn off the lights and enjoy all the Christmas wonder! You all did a delightful job! I am going to have to beg my Ryan to bring in our Christmas tree from the building! You've gotten me in the festive spirit and I can't wait to put up our tree with little Ty on the watch for his very first Christmas! Merry Christmas Terry and Bernie!

Jammie J. said...

that looks so lovely. i love decorations and the glow of them, somehow makes the heart glow. :)

Julie said...

Beautiful pictures as always has really put me in the Christmas mood!

I have a question about the 7th picture down from the top...are those Johnson Bros. "Friendly Village" dishes on the buffet????? I could be wrong, but they sure look like them!!

Mrs. Mac said...

I do hope Lady Katherine has a warm and cozy Christmas. From the looks of the decorations, she sure has good helpers to bring her some cheer. My daughter's wedding is over and the comapny has all gone home (except for my dear soldier boy son ... he's home on leave and is such a blessing ... tomorrow night he's to be baptized at church). We're having quite a storm blowing outside tonight. Please stay safe and warm, dear friend.

Noel Lewis said...

Wow! These pictures are breathtaking. Thank you for posting them. Happy Holidays