Friday, December 15, 2006

Don't Let It Snow...Don't Let It Snow!! Sorry About That Mrs. Mac!

Last week when the weather was cold, I was hoping for just a little snow so that I could take some "snow" pictures for Mrs.Mac.
Well even though the dark clouds did give us a pile of the white stuff, the warm sun rays had taken it away before my arrival to the palace.
Warm sun rays sent to me from one of my good friends who lives in Malaysia!!!

At about five o'clock as the sun was just sweeping down the drive way,on its way to bed I thought maybe I could send Mrs. Mac some "almost winter" sunsets and this is what I am dedicating to her...This lovely sunset!

If we have a green Christmas like the weather man is promising us, I think I will just have to go into my picture archives and post a few photos of how the Niagara Region SHOULD be having winter at this time of year!!


Wendy WaterBirde said...

Beautiful! Do you live by the ocean Terry?

Hope alls well, and that you are having a Blessed Advent : ) Wendy

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed all the pictures, Terry--just beautiful!!!


Mrs. Mac said...

OK ... Terry ... I must admit your "green" winter sunsets are gorgeous too! But, I'm looking forward to seeing a bit of the white. Our snow is gone here on the prairie ... but up in the hills near my new home, there's still a bit of white stuff. You sure have an eye for capturing God's beautiful world. Thanks for sharing dear friend.

dRaGoNfLy WiNgS said...

Your shots are simply breath-taking.

Oops... should i stop sending sunshine so that others can have snow?? :D

Have a blessed week!! *hugs*

Maggie Ann said...

Terry, these pictures are gems! I have to hurry offline and get some things done, but wanted to stop by and say hello and wish you a Joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year! We still have shopping to do but I'm glad the decorating is all done and I've been enjoying it so much. Plus, our daughter and her family will be coming for a week right after Christmas. I hear the joy-bells ringing! =)

jel said...

Awesome pictures Terry!:)

if Mrs.Mac, wants snow pictures
she can have some of mine if she wants!

MC ~~~~~~~~~ Terry :)

Terry said...

Thanks a million Noel for all the stuff you are doing for me...all the links that you have been working on and all the previous posts titles you have put in.

Jel... you little darling..You are just as good as dRaGoNfLy WiNgS for sprinkling sun on everyone's blog and Mrs. Mac would LOVE your winter pictures but she is STILL telling me that she wants me to send her some snow pictures from my neck of the woods whenever we get snow!!
I guess Vancouver is getting OUR share of the snow!!

dRaGoNfLy WiNgS...keep sending the sun!! I have some pictures to post for you that will cool you off as you say it is too hot where you are!! Ha!! PEOPLE...we are NEVER satisfied, eh?

I miss writing to you Maggie-ann but Bernie is still woriking on my computer trying to save all my precious emails...

Wendy...the only time I ever saw the ocean was in North Carolina and it was SO beautiful!!
The sunset in these picutres is over Lake Ontario. It is Lady Katherine's back yard.
The time I WAS in North Carolina it was, I believe in November and the weather was about 60 degrees.
Betty and I and an 80 year old lady that was on the bus with us going to a Southern Gospel concert all jumped into the ocean...dresses and all. I think some of those Americans thought we sure were some crazy Canadians, eh?...Ha!!

Hi Morgan Denise!!.......Love Terry

Saija said...

brilliant! glad you go snap happy, so we can share too ... :o)

Anonymous said...


Breathtaking! Have a great Lord's day, my friend!

Lots of love,

The Pilgrim/Barnabas

Paul said...

very nice pictures!!!

Jammie J. said...

Those are lovely pictures, though. Snow would be nice at Christmas. We might go up into the mountains, either next weekend or the one after, just to see the snow and get away. :)

Wendy WaterBirde said...

WOw, a lake in the backyard! No wonder you call Lady Katherine the sweet mythic name of "Lady of the Lake" : )

Lauren-Mary said...

Beautiful pictures!! There used to be a decent amount of snow here, until a few days ago when it poured rain and now there's no snow left what so ever. Doesn't feel like Christmas without it!


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful! As always!!! Love, Jessica and Ty *Ryan too!*