Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Short But Sweet Ruby Tuesday And A Ruby T Doggie

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it is ruby tuesday and i am not going to play hooky again but i AM going to make a short ruby tuesday post.
i have to catch up on some commenters who i have been sorely neglecting!

this saturday our niece, rachel came over to see her uncle bernie for a few moments of chatter.
she had something to show him!

just the sweetest fuzzy white dog ever!
rachel is babysitting this doggie while its mommy and daddy are vacationing in cuba!
the little red car has a nose all out of joint AGAIN..
"now what in tarnation is that other little red car doing in the driveway and who on earth is that pretty young girl in the ruby coloured jacket???"

happy ruby tuesday everybody and god bless you!...love terry