Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of our friends
Bernie and Terry and the Shopper

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Ruby Tuesday Christmas
These pictures are a couple of years old.
They were taken in a cottage by a lake.
The house was dark so I had to use a different setting on my camera.
For sure and they are a little blurry because it is really hard for me stand still!
Wishing a Merry Christmas to Mary T,our Teach and all of her Ruby Tuesdayers!
Love Terry

Now this looks like a Christmas tree but really it is an antique spinning wheel that has been decorated with a string of Christmas lights.

These candles are shining bravely in the darkness of the night!

It is a little hard to recognise but this is part of a Christmas village, complete with lantern lights and little people.
This is a large house beside a little house in that village.
Bright Christmas lights around this window are casting ruby reflections.
Christmas candle lights, with halos shine on the angel below.
This photo was taken in the dawn of the day.
Perhaps the little clusters of ruby red lights can be seen by the boat people on the lake!
For sure and they are like tiny little light houses cheering anyone that by chance will
behold them!

Happy Birthday "Mr Norway"

Dear Gunnar,
When your sweetheart from the far side of the sea told me that your birthday was in a fortnight, alas, I didn't know what a fortnight WAS!
So.....Here Bernie and I are wishing you a Happy Belated Birthday....two days late!
I have never seen such a great birthday post as Felisol has made!
May you and Felisol and Princess Serina remain forever young!
God bless you........................Love Bernie and Terry

"Forever Young"

May God bless and keep you always
May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others
And let others do for you
May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young.

May you grow up to be righteous
May you grow up to be true
May you always know the truth
And see the lights surrounding you
May you always be courageous
Stand upright and be strong
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young.

May your hands always be busy
May your feet always be swift
May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift
May your heart always be joyful
And may your song always be sung
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mrs. Mac The Idaho Snow Queen

Mrs. Mac....Here is the snow that you sent!
Take a ride with us in down town Welland!