Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of our friends
Bernie and Terry and the Shopper


Vicki said...

Merry Christmas to you & Bernie, my sweet Canadian friends!


Amrita said...

God bless you my beautiful friends.Who is hte shopper?

Terry said...

Hi Amrita,,,The Shopper is
Bernie's spoiled kitty...Love Terry

God bless you too and your little Mama

santa said...

Morning Terry,

You asked me why I gave Bernie a gift and didn't give you one ? You remember the christmas song >> " the part where you were warned to be good for goodness sake " I will say no more !

santa .
BTW----I said several prayers for you and asked God to help heal your legs and pain ? Love ya'll santa claus !

Jim said...

Hi Terry, I hope you had a nice Christmas time.
Thank you for your wishes and for checking on me for Ruby Tuesday. I didn't do that nor SkyWatch on my other blog as I am feeling crunched for time.
And now I will wish you a Happy New Year (hint, Mrs. Jim and I bought new bathing suits last Sunday after church).

Saija said...

you cuties - you!

((hugs)) along with warm boxing day greetings!

dRaGoNfLy WiNgS said...

Blessed Christmas Terry, Bernie & Shopper!!

*warm hugs*

Mrs. Mac said...

A day late, but I hope you had a joyous Christmas Day. Give Shopper a little treat from the Snow Queen and that Bernie fello a hug.

Sioux said...

As we are still in Christmastide, Merry Christmas!!

Deb said...

Lovely photo Terry! Merry Christmas!

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Happy Prolonged Christmas.
In Norway we are in the "rom jul" the festive time between Christmas and New Year.
I, trying to sum up the highlights of 2008, went over to my Norwegian blog,- and found sister Terry had left a comment in Norwegian over there. Amazing.
Have I ever thanked you for that, Terry?

Sometimes life is so overwhelmingly chaotic, I simply forget what I have done, or what not.

Anyway, I was encouraged by your comment today.
You are an angle of light.

From Felisol

Amber said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALSO! Hope you had a blessed day :) thanks for visting my bloggie too :) NIce to see you around again!!
Take care!