Sunday, December 28, 2008

Grandpaw Ron's Special Day
This year Grandpaw Ron received two special gifts from the Lord for Christmas and also for his birthday.

Here amazing grace man tells it in his own words;

"God never quits amazing us and blessings us ? I believe HE new exactly what I needed to give me inspiration and motivation in life ? He blessed me with 2 granddaughters which I love dearly that came to live with me on December 12th ! The decision came without choice but God knew what to do in their lives!"

"I feel as I am blessed very much ? although I wished these circomstances had not happened ? I will be 64 in 7 days and I feel that God is in charge ! He knew what an old man that has some of the same things wrong with his legs also , He knew what kind of treatment to give me for my pain
All is well just trying to keep things going . I now have added to additions to mine and princess’s family ! I took custody of two of my granddaughters and now I’m starting over raising two granddaughters that are 11 years and 9 years old ? Things are going alright so far."
"They have been little troupers today because they have been vacceumning and dusting the house and helping to clean it up for inspection next week from the case worker ! They have got it looking pretty good ? They were working so hard and I asked them why ! They said because we want to make sure we can live with you !
They also said because I was a very good cook ? They also know paparon refuses to spare the rod ? They are real good kids and I love them much . I haven’t had any trouble with them ?"

"its been 6 years since I even put up a Christmas tree or any lights around my porch ? Today we got in the kitchen and made some Pecan Brittle . Its better than peanut brittle ?
They are a blessing to me and they are a lot of help and fair to middling about cleaning up after themselves ?"

"Recieved a blessing this morning ! Me and the girls made 7 dozen Merry Christmas Fruitcake Cookies this morning ? We also made 3 dozen Fruitcake Squares this morning made like you cook brownies ? I cain’t walk around much but I can sit on my stool in the kitchen and cook up some good grub ?? When its kinda chilly they like to sit under the Christmas lights on my porch and drink hot chocolate and dip cookies in chocolate and eat them ? I always have a cup of java with hazelnut coffee creamer ? Already spoiling them some more ??"

"I feel as if God placed me with this responsibility to share His everlasting love with me and to share it with these girls ?
With the guidance of my lord to lead me every day and help me teach them I ain’t gona worry too awful much cause of all the blessings I will recieve ? I already am indebeted to Him for the rest of my liife and I know He’ll allow me a little more instructions to try and Glorify His name ?"

Today is Grandpaw's birthday.
For now I will put this cake and Happy Birthday song in and I will return later to "To be continued!"
Happy Birthday amazing grace man....and God bless you.....Love Bernie and Terry and Shopper.

PS Give our regards to Princess and the girls.


Felisol said...

Dear Terry & Grandpaw Ron,
Happy birthday to Grandpaw Ron.
I don't know you much but have been praying for you this year. I hope that God has helped you through your illnesses and that he will continue to hold his hand over you.

To Terry,
you are sharp as a razor blade, my friend. Never try to belittle yourself.
That letter was written in very good Norwegian.
From Felisol

Amrita said...

Happy birthday Grandpaw. Have a special day

Anonymous said...


Thanks .

I want to thank Felisol and Amrita for all those prayers ! Because of all the prayers from all The Pilgrim Pals I have been blessed very much ? I hope you all will still remember these two young lady's and pray that God will restore all my wisdom that has escaped from my brain so I can do a good job raising them ?

Felisol I been praying for you also and enjoying your comments ? I visit yours and Amrita's blog every now and them ?

Blessings !
grandpaw ron.

Terry said...

Dear Grandpaw.
That is the point of such a lengthy post for your birthday.
I know that the friends you have met that have been praying for you when you weren't well, will now be praying that the Lord will be giving you strength as you undertake such a great responsibility for Him.
I know that He will!
As Donna always says Grandpaw Ron...Bless you!.Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Grandpaw Ron, dear Terry,
Thank you Terry for letting us now this extraordinary man and be a part of his life - in prayer.
I am stunned that he has taken this huge responsibility on him, and likewise the girls working to be allowed to live with their grandfather.
Oh, be sure, I will remember this very moving trio in times of prayer.
Actually I am both praising and praying just now.
Oh, Terry, you are an engaged missionary, always looking out for and holding up your next of kin when needed.
You are dear to me.
From Felisol

PS. You can read Mr. Jim's comment on my blog, Dec. 12th.
It's just funny and good humored.
I think Gunnar was flattered,- I actually now he was.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
how come you are not in bed. Here it is 9.30 in the morning.
Go and get some beauty sleep.
Not that you need THAT, but anyway.
Sleep tight.
From Felisol