Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Years Day Birthday Girl

Today it is New Years Day and it is Mrs. Jim's birthday!!
So Happy News Years Everybody and Happy Birthday Mrs. Jim.....

Because the stores were all closed up today, tighter than a drum Mrs Jim, all I could manage to find was this stale chocolate chip cup cake left over from Christmas eve.
I used second hand candles that I had left over from Mr. Jim's birthday cake.
As you well know that guy is 106 years old so at that rate , I have about five more years worth of candles.
In these hard economic times, we must not waste, eh?

I hope that you guys don't get sun burnt in that warm place you have gone to.
There are quite a few people that would have loved to go along if they had only been asked.
If you think that Texas is cold, you ought to make a winter trip to Canada.
Leave your bathing suits behind though and bring your fur coats and snow shoes, eh?

Now, here is a gang that really misses you Mrs. Jim.
They got a couple of dogs together and went to the YMCA..Brought a beach blanket and pretended they were at the beach,
If you don't recognise them because the picture is so small, I will tell you their names..
Hmm...WE have here, Billy and Karen and BP and Katrin and Adi.

When Amrita's girl, Sheeba found out that there was a birthday party going on, she had Adi fly over and pick her up.
Sheeba had a few second thoughts about leaving the warmth of India and leaving her mama behind, so Adi let her take the newspaper where her mama's was front page news.
She is missing her mama and all for not! There was no party going on at all. Not one crumb of birthday cake and NO ice cream either!
Mrs. Jim and Mr. Jim had taken off and were having their own party in places unknown.
A place that was full of sunlight and warm weather!!
And PROBABLY licking on ice cream cones!
Chocolate ones!!

Mrs. Jim, if you noticed ,there was one head missing in the above group.
And that was Amber. She preferred to stay home to watch, "Deal or no Deal" starring her favourite Canadian personality, Howie Mandel.
Ever since I told Amber about that show, she has become addicted.
I have created a monster and you have my a deepest apologies Mrs. Jim!

Mrs Jim..I think that Mrs. Mac really wanted to come when I invited her but alas...she ended up stuck in a big pile of s snow....yep stuck solid in a huge heap that had been of her own making. I think that she was trying to make a giant snowball to throw at me!!
Oh the irony of the whole thing!

Happy Birthday once again dear Mrs. Jim!
You and Mr. Jim return home soon.................
Love Terry


Deb said...

Happy Birthday to Mrs. Jim! ....even though I don't know you! May God bless you abundantly this year and may you draw closer to His side and grow in His love and grace!

Terry...I so appreciated your comment on my blog...when we begin with God, He's all we need. Love it!

Felisol said...

Happy Birthday to Mrs. Jim,
hope you enjoy your holidays as well as the birthday.
From Felisol

Jada's Gigi said...

Happy birthday to Mrs. Jim! and Happy New Year to you, Terry! From reading some of your post...its seems you are a very funny lady. :) I'm gonna like hangin out with you!

byhisgracealone said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Jim...God has blessed all of us with our dear Terry and her fun loving posts...

Terry thank you for your recent visit to my blog...let's begin planning when we can meet again...perhaps God will bring us together more than once this year....

love you

Sioux said...

Happy birthday, Mrs. Jim.

And blessings to you, Terry, as 2009 begins!

Amrita said...

Happy birthday Mrs Jim.
terry you make those cards so skillfully i have to figure out a way of doing it.

All those photos are so sweet.Sheeba looks so intelligent reading the newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry..I am so sorry I confused people with my rambling woods address. You were at the right place and I confused everyone. The address is or right here..

Rambling Woods