Monday, January 05, 2009

For Dianne and Siren

Dianne was busy at her blog this Sunday trying to teach her kitty hand shadows.
Siren would just not cooperate. He thought they were playing statues!
Well I thought that I would give that kitty a little incentive, so I have put this song in for him. Now Dianne was trying to teach him the jazz hand shadow but when he hears this song, he will surely be creating more than a hand shadow. For sure and that Siren the cat will be he will be making a whole body shadow, a la line dance!

Hope this works Mommy Dianne!..........Love Terry
"Do You See What I See"..Dianne.....


Amrita said...

I love ragtime.

Oh wow Siren, you 've got music in your soul.

You should encourage her the English musical Cats

Today I saw a very sweet dog movie with Mom, on TV. Its called My Dog Skip. Made me cry.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I say once more; you should write a book for children or adults with their child intact.
Hugs from Feliosl

Dianne said...

felisol is right - you should make personalized books for children with their pets - heck for adults and their pets

you make people so happy with your creations

sorry it took me so long to get here - I've been looking for a new job and spending tons of time on the phone

you are such a lovely lady Terry - I played the music very loud for Siren - Mia is deaf so she didn't care but Siren did jump up to take a peek - I told him to wave hi to Aunt Terry :)

Terry said...

Oh Dianne How wonderful!
I do have 26 nieces and nephews and now I have three more nieces and a nephew!
Sheeba, Adi , Mia and Siren!
No kids mind you, but 30 nieces and nephews!!!Love Terry