Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blessed Thanksgiving To The United States

all across the united states today families are celebrating thanksgiving.
the american thanksgiving is a huge a day as we in canada have on christmas day.
when the golden children were little kids, dad golden brought in the old black and white tv. now mom golden was very fussy about what we kids watched but i am putting a little video clip here of one program that she had no problem with, "father knows best" starring robert young and jane wyatt.
now this particular episode, i really can't recall but reading between the lines, i think i can surmise what it is about.
it appears that each child was suppose to be away on thanksgiving and dad and mom would be celebrating thanksgiving alone.
well as it turns out each of the three children for some reason or the other returns home just in time for the hamburger supper that was prepared.
not a turkey in sight and not a pumpkin pie in sight.!

but there was a FAMILY in sight!
now i had just let you watch this and let you decide for yourself if they had a blessed and happy thanksgiving!

Proverbs 15:17
Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith.
Psalm 100:4
Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name

happy thanksgiving to our dear american friends!

love bernie and terry and the fat cat!

ps...i was curious about the third chapter of uncle toms' cabin" and so i googled it and found that it is well worth the read[if you don't mind shedding a few more tears!]
here is the link.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ruby Tuesday Comfort

bernie and i were either at home or at work most of the week so i thought i would just write here about the "comfort maple tree" which is situated a few miles from welland..

now the little red car has never seen the huge comfort maple..bernie and i have quite often driven by motorcycle to visit this pelham piece of history.

here are a couple
of metal plaques which have a little history of
the comfort maple tree.

these two little lassies are dressed appropriately for a ruby tuesday!

here is just a touch of autumn, peeking around the trunk of this beautiful tree!

here is what the tree looks like in spring!

"i have taken this small history of the comfort maple from google and am copying and pasting it here because it is so interesting and so well written..

"The historic Comfort Maple is a beautiful Sugar Maple tree. Estimated to be 500 years old, the Comfort Maple is the pride of the Town of Pelham and is thought to be the oldest Maple tree in Canada.
The Comfort Maple is 80 feet tall with a trunk that is 20 feet in circumference. The crown spread is 30 meters ( 100 feet). The trunk and branches are supported by guy wires reaching skyward 34 meters or 112 feet, as high as a ten-storey building.

The Comfort Maple owes its name to one of the land's previous owners, the Comforts, who as United Empire Loyalists were known to have nicknamed the tree "Old Glory". The Comforts bought the lot from Major David Secord, brother-in-law of Canadian Heroine Laura Secord in 1816.

The Comfort Maple is located in the Comfort Maple Conservation Area, at Metler Road in the Town of Pelham. The Conversation area is protected by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority."

happy ruby tuesday all...god terry

ps.. i remember a a few years ago, the politicians wanted to cut the comfort tree down to put up buildings.
the people fought against this and this is ONE fight that the people won!